Monday, January 13, 2014

Try To Be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud: Rainbow from THE CUTTING CAFE

I had a lovely rainbow file to work with from THE CUTTING CAFE this weekend and a vision!

It's always nice when you have something that sparks your creativity!

Now, living up to what Maya Angelou is suggesting might be a wee bit harder for me! Perhaps I will tell you the story tomorrow. 

I had a couple of fun items I reused. One was the lovely scalloped tart pan from the second hand store that I spray painted gold. And the second were those gold butterfly wings. 

It was originally this huge gold clip butterfly that I took off a wreath earlier this winter and I despaired of ever using. Of course, that is generally the item you use first when you least expect it!

I am happy to report that for the most part, that entire pile of things below have been re-purposed! Some of it was shared with others too, which makes it nice!

Kinda like that soft scallopy lace sneaking in on the edge by my clouds. That is from Yvonne Yam

If you get a chance, hop over to THE CUTTING CAFE in the next couple of days and check out her digital files! One just might inspire!

P.S. Two people in my family asked me who the grumpy little girl was. And I said, oh some random photo I ran across in google images. They both gave me a LOOK like that was extremely dumb. I had a giggle. I thought she made my point. She needs a rainbow! Or perhaps a smaller hair bow. That was my oldest's theory. BAD HAIR DAY issues. 


  1. LOL ... Grumpy girls have their place ... She IS in a TART pan after all... No wonder she's SOUR ( just pointing that out!!) ...... Lovely, lovely project -- the wings are perfection!!!

  2. hey lady love it and i do love the image of the girl....aren't we sassy...........hahahha

  3. Wowwwwwwwww! This is amazing!! I loveeeeeeeeee those wings!!!!!

  4. This looks lovely, and I didnt think she looked sour, just very serious ??? love the wings.. they look amazing!!

  5. This is gorgeous!! I love the girl, LOL! Cute!

  6. Oh man Mitra! This is absolutely ADORABLE! I love the rainbow and the grumpy little girl reminds me of my two today. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful project and inspirational quote too!

  7. The girl is great!! She really needed a rainbow, hahaha. Great piece!

  8. Mitra, you never cease to amaze me! And no one smiled in those old photos. She's just being trendy! Love this!


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