Friday, January 24, 2014

Hershey Kiss Box for Sistah In Law

Wee little treat box filled with pretty nail polish, lip gloss, and some chocolate!

My sister in law is one super lucky girl!

Well, almost as lucky as me! I had this super awesome Hershey Kiss Box file to play with from THE CUTTING CAFE. I had lots and lots of bling to use for the top!

My sister in law sent me a cool birthday card with those glittery glasses so I cut them out.

Added that tie dye ribbon I made the other day and tied a huge loopy bow.

Had a few Valentine's Day Bingo black and white print files from THE CUTTING CAFE left over so used them too!

Of course the top is metal embossed tape while the actual box is red glitter paper.

Nothing says cool like lots and lots of bling and chocolate!

Hope you love it, Jennifer!

Happy Friday!


  1. Your sister in law is one lucky girl for sure ! I guess more than the gift she is going to love that gorgeous box ! Loved the pairing of glitter n foil and of course the dyed ribbon :D !

  2. You are the coolest gift giver ever. I know hands down you would be voted the most creative gift wrapper ever and's got that metal tape on it. You knew I'd see that and get all excited. Love that you used Regina's file not just for candy but girly things too...that's wonderful.
    You make a fantastic sister in law and awesome friend too!
    Happy weekend :)

  3. OOOOHHHHH, so pretty. Yes, your sister-in-law is going to love it. Love the color combo, all cheery and Valentine"y".

  4. Love, love, love your rainbow ribbon & big loopy bows... I need to come over for some lessons!!! Lucky SIL:):)

  5. Mitra this is one fab project....your so talented....hugs

  6. One lucky sister in law!! loveling the ribbon...

  7. That's so gorgeous, she really is a lucky gal!

  8. Love that metal top and the glasses!

  9. Fun, fun, fun! the box is a fun (or more fun?) than the gift. Wonderful!

  10. Beautiful box. Love the sunglasses on the top.


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