Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Tis the Season for Thank you Notes!

I've been having a play with some scrap paper, the Tim Holtz snowflake bloom die, and some silver paper.

The round and oval paper pieces behind the snowflakes have been hoarded for quite some time and were the centers of scrapbook pages I cut out for photos. I think it's neat that they are all different, yet the snow flakes and news print paper pull the cards together to look similar. 

One last photo! You can see my Christmas Cactus photo bombing them on the edge! So pretty and delicate!

Happy Saturday! I've got some grocherying to do and then off to the second hand store. WISH ME LUCK!


  1. Beautiful cards ! I loved the snowflakes bloom.

  2. Gorgeous cards! The snowflake medallions are wonderful!!

  3. Hi Mitra, how was your Christmas? Hope you and your family had a joyous one. Gorgeous cards!!!

  4. Now those are Mitra-fied cards without a doubt! Whether on a card, LO or altered always comes to life with your talent. These are fabulous makes and the design, you just can't stop looking at them.
    REALLY wish you lived nearby. New store called Puddle Jumping, place where you take your old furniture and paint it with other people who are flipping their vintage finds. HOW FUN IS THAT? They would freak over your stuff!

  5. Love them. These are STUNNING.....really lovely - they make a fab 'series'...& good luck at the 2nd hand store [who gives a TOSS about groceries....euggghhh!!!] fact, by the time you read this, HOPEFULLY you'll be gleefully checking out your latest finds:):)!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. These cards look great.. what a good way to use the circles too.. I have a few of them lying around somewhere too.. love the snowflakes... Happy New Year..


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