Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gold Beech Leaves

I do like glitter & sparkle, but I also like to pair it up against natural elements and some neutral colors. Beech leaves turned out to work nicely for that. Here is the little display I created on top of my china cabinet for a wintery Valentine display. Of course, it's a bit empty, so no doubt some new creations will make their way up there.

These beech leaves didn't come cheap. ;-)

I told THE MAN I wanted some birch branches for my pink mercury glass vase. He thought getting dressed up in winter gear and taking a ride out back on the 4 Wheeler sounded like a great plan.

The birch trees are located across the creek which supposedly he had crossed the day before.

Yeah, you guessed it. We crossed and got hung up in the middle of the creek.

I offered to get off in hopes that the extra weight (oi! Feel like a fatty now!) would allow him to break lose.

Thankfully he has a degree in getting things unstuck and eventually he was back on the right side of the creek.

I however was still on the wrong side of the week. Good thing I was wearing my super stomping mud boots!

Tiptoed back across further upstream where the ice was still thick and gave up plans of birch branches.

Instead, opted for those pretty beech leaves!

And one more photo at a funky artistic angle! I do have one birch branch in there for good measure!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. A lovely display, Mitra! Those vases, frames, paper decos and, of course, the beech leaves look great!

  2. They sure look awesome together, beautiful decor and brilliant idea!

  3. That angel is AMAZING...I have never folded paper again since my massive 'failure' last year! Yours is super cute.......crumbs! The adventures you have. In the jeep, I presume? Jeeps = Danger, in my humble opinion!!! But go forth & adventure on....I like reading the results!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are very artistic and I love how you also describe your adventures too.. lovely display. the leaves are pretty!

  5. Pretty display. Next time, come further up our woods on THIS side of the brook. I think you'll find some.


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