Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hackers, still Stoners, almost Hawks Oh My

I can honestly say I was glad to see the end of the week was finally here. The week before which was the first full week of school was equally special on it's own, but this week we were all sick. 

Since this happens never, I am pretty impressed at our skill at being walking zombies and getting through. 

I can't recall the last time I was sick. THE MAN and I were trying to remember and finally decided this new whatever the heck you wanna call it that seems to be strolling through the US made it's way to our house. Pretty sure the kids brought it come from school or perhaps it was lurking in the doctor's office last week where we were for a well child visit and hopped a ride. 

Regardless we all sound like hacking seals. 

We have a pretty low impact weekend planned. Chasing some chipmunks (Patti the dog), vacuuming the house (the kids) and laying the plywood down on the floor of our "shed' is on the list. Maybe making an apple crisp. 

I hear it's going to rain tomorrow, so I'll be scrapping I believe after a trip to the grocery. 

Hopefully next week the kids feel a bit more like Hawks. That is the mascot at this new school. My oldest has moved from sitting by herself to sitting with dudes. She announced most scientifically that 13 year old boys don't have a problem with saying the word Penis but have a large problem with the word Vajayjay. I am working on not worrying about any of it. She's got a pretty good head about her and isn't easily impressed. 

Luke says they are still mostly Stoners (which was the mascot at the last school, don't laugh that dude holding a pick ax looked crazy & strong) although he also has some dudes he's hanging out with now. Not to mention the new school serves pizza daily. I am hoping he gets sick of having a slice each lunch without me having to say anything. 

The house smells like breakfast and the coffee is awesome! Raising a cup to the start of the weekend!


  1. life remains upsy-downsy at your place...take it easy, get better soon. If it's the same Nasty Bug over this side of the world, peeps have been [commonly] onto their FOURTH lot of anti-bi's to shake kind to yourselves. And enjoy the coffee. I've got the 2 & 1/2 yo from lunch sunday -> Tuesday morning. This place will be filled with Lucas toys & an exhausted 'Ma'!!!!

  2. I hope your household is all well and un zombie very soon!

  3. Sorry to hear you are all not well at your house. Hope you are on the mend now. Love the photo

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you are not 100%!! I left you a message on Facebook a couple of days ago. Stunning hydrangeas!!! Get well soon yáll!!!

  5. LOLOLOL...alright, don't judge but I use Vajayjay all the time... Drives my daughter insane. She much prefers Princess Parts or Lady bits. At least that's what the HS girls seem to dub them now. Did their schools ever recite this catchy little tune? "Stop! Don't touch me there. This is my no no square." Yep, it's a thing. :(
    Feel better, all ya all and be a proud've got GREAT kids!
    Cheers right back at ya with Pumpkin Spice coffee.


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