Friday, January 20, 2017

Very Lizzy Valentine's Day Cards for The Cutting Cafe

oh goodness. I set myself up for success when I made these cards. First, I gathered all my little lovelies that my friend Lizzy Hill sent me. She has been playing with punches and that super chunky gold glitter and shared some goodies with me, so I've been hoarding them for a bit.

Then I made a pile of some new fabric washi that I picked up that was on sale....pulled out the gold paint and small stapler. Then, I went to my handy dandy stash of files from THE CUTTING CAFE and fell in love with this XOXO. It's from the XOXO Word Shaped Card file. I only cut out the very top layer that was welded together as it's intended to make a whole card. Here it's my main element on these Valentine's Day cards.

I used paper with a white core so you can see the white peeking out after embossing the letters. AND BAM, how do you like that big butterfly. It's SWEET, is it not. ;-)

You can see some of her white butterflies and little doilies under the those awesome letters too! Can't wait to send these off. I'm doing a Valentine exchange with Aunt Peaches. I got some really pretty cards last year so I can't wait! It's happy mail in the box.

Happy Friday! I'm off today working on a sanding project as I'm working tomorrow at Build Club. I'll be sharing that this next week! Can't wait!


  1. Ooooh aaaah!!! They look brilliant! You are one clever cookies... & I must say, that fabric washi is just perfect in there. Fab cut file, too!!! So I've made Chrissy boxes & you've made Valentines goodies. High Five Ma frien' !!!!!

  2. im just sitting here being in awe THAT YOU MADE SOME CARDS.........they are awesome my friend...

  3. These look wonderful... yes that Lizzy is one very creative gal!!

  4. Oh my gosh. I can't believe I never stopped here! Love these. Those pretty colors and of course the gold and love how you used that file to just cut a sentiment! I haven't been able to dig in and use up any of my wonderful cutouts and such from lizzy. Or maybe I'm just hoarding them. I try not to but I think it's ok to hoard them for a little while. Computers still down. I wish they'd tell us to go home.


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