Thursday, August 16, 2012

ROOF Layout for MMD Divas

ohhhhh this sketch was a crazy one! I got it and thought wow, that is going to be hard and within about then minutes, I had all the pieces cut and laid, don't think it's hard if I can do it!!!

Here is Heather's Sketch from Miracles Momma Designs.

I chose to make mine an oval so I could fit a few more photos in there.

It really was a huge undertaking....adding steel to both the garage and the house roof. The garage involved several family members helping us early spring but nobody related to us really wanted to tackle the steep pitch on the house roof. I can't say I blame them. It was really hot and a lot of work to pull those steel pieces up to the roof.

We had a college kid that came over on weekends and consequently spent most of the free fun time working on the house. We had thought the roof would last a year or two longer but a windy night last winter tore off shingles. I was the person on the ground running the boys on the roof stuff and also assisted with getting the steel up to the roof.

Since a roof is one of those critical things, we had to jump on it when spring hit but I did miss all the camping we had planned to do. We will hit a few places before fall comes if we can I think to make up for it!

Here is a close up of my blooms. I had some vintage linen that I thought might make some cool flowers. I had fun with those using my Big Shot and dying them with inks. Just took a bit to dry. They are floppy, not stiff like canvas ones I made.

Also tucked in a vintage button card in behind things. Le Chic Roof was my thought! THE MAN and I typically pick a few colors to keep things matching with the house. Since the house was WHITE we opted to go with something bright for the roof. Eventually we will have matching shutters at some point so the front of the house looks more like the FRONT! ;-)

And here is shot of the side of the page, just added some small journaling and a few stickers.

Love how the bright colors go against the woodgrain and the fun stickers!

If you choose to try her sketch, she usually posts them if you e-mail them to her.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow, Mitra...I would have chickened out for sure but you rocked the sketch. Love the brights against the wood grain. The linen flowers don't look floppy on screen. Love the story behind the pics. In India, it is easy to find people for odd jobs. I can imagine how tough it must be to put in a roof with steel.

  2. Oh I just love this Mitra! That sure is one crazy sketch but you have tackled it beautifully and WOW your house looks stunning - I love the roof colour!!

  3. This is my new fave...I really love how you've tackled the have done an AWESOME job getting so many pics on & it doesn't even look crowded; clever gal:):):)
    The little liquid pearls & flags etc are just perfect!!!! What a job. Bet you're glad it's done:):):).....the roof, I mean!!!!!!

  4. Wow i wouldn't know where to start with that sketch, but you really have created an amazing layout of memories with your new roof.. I love the extra photos you have put on there, and the banners look amazing.. well done!

  5. Love the layout, with the brights against the woodgrain. Great page, and also one great project done. Looks soooo nice.

  6. Fabulous! Love what you did with that sketch!

  7. Love what you did with the sketch..and you must be pleased, getting such a big project completed!
    Alison xx

  8. Ten minutes? Seriously...that's incredible! An amazing page and AWESOME pictures. Still loooove that journaling!

  9. I really appreciate you doing the sketch Mitra. I know it looked really hard to work with, but I'd like to think that the pages we all made with it speak for themselves! I think you did an absolutely fantastic job. I loved reading the story behind your page.

  10. Love the sunburst style of this layout! The papers are great too! I always enjoy visiting and seeing your fabulous pages!


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