Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Extra Help Scrapbook Page for Luke

So the other day, I took the kids to the doc to get routine forms filled out for school. Of course they insisted upon a physical and identified with the eye chart the possibility that Luke needed glasses.

So, off to the eye doc we go. I have decided to take stock out in Empire Vision due to the massive amounts I spend there monthly. Poor kids get their eye issues from me, sigh!

Anyhow, I had saved this paper from Luke's folder at the end of school. He had been working on his handwriting all last year and I thought this was a great example of how far he had come.

Hopefully with new eye balls on his face, he'll be even more scholarly this next school year!

So, I wanted to combine his school paper with a photo of his new glasses in a scrapbook page!

Here is a close up of something on this page that is very special to me (besides my SON)!

Check out that card my friend Lisa at You Made Me Ink made!! I spotted it on her blog and offered to buy it. She has her stuff in a real life store, so I was hoping I could catch it before it sold. She sent it to me!!! CHECK out those clouds of hers!!!

Of course, I can't SEND this card to anyone it's mine mine mine.

I opted to save it forever on a page. There is some hidden journaling under the flap, but when I asked Luke if I could share it, he told me it was private. So, I will respect his wishes.

AND, hidden up there in the corner, a few roses from Lizzy Hill another friend/scrapper rock star!!!

And just a quick shout out to Natalie at One Scrappy Doctor who uses a lot of her children's art work on her pages. I was thinking about that when I saved this paper!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful layout! Lukey looks like one cool dude with those glasses on!! Reilly bought some just for fun the other day - with clear glass in them - he tells me it's the new hipster fashion?!?!!!

  2. Gorgeous page love the drawing!! Awesome

  3. Hope he's ok with the glasses. His handwriting is good - I guess hard work pays off. That card is awesome & fits sooo well..I wouldn't have noticed my flowers if you hadn't said (sad!) ...love that li'l badge at the bottom too. This is such a story - & I love your stories:):):):)
    And the eye shop peeps must love you too!!!!!

  4. What a fun school page, love those images you've used on the page, very pretty.

  5. A fabulous layout for a momentous time.. new glasses are pretty special, and the writing will be a wonderful reminder of how far he has come...

  6. Wow! This is one fabulous lo! Such a beautiful eye-catcher!

  7. Great idea for a page...love that blingy border!
    Alison xx

  8. Love, love, love this page with his handwriting and cool glasses!

  9. OMG so creative idea to place a colored digi in your carp layhout,,,,love it . love it.,you inspired me,,,,,,very well done.

  10. I think he looks very handsome with his new eyeballs...you have such adorable kids and I love that you've preserved this paperwork of his. It's a fabulous memory and gorgeous LO.

  11. He looks quite handsome in his new specs! Wonderful page! I kept thinking...why does that image look familiar...then read where it came from! How fitting that her lovely creation is gracing an equally wonderful page made by you!


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