Friday, August 10, 2012

The Big Liz, a farewell, and Treacle

Friends of ours Jordan and Amanda are leaving for Greener Pastures. Of course they are going to Texas so perhaps it's greener? Not sure, New York is pretty green these days or will be when it rains for the next week. Remember them? The fish people.

This is a small gift for her. Nothing too exciting. It was a gin bottle and now it is all pretty and frosted.

We all consumed said gin while celebrating The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

It was painful. Gin is now banned from my house.

And why you say would some crazy upstate New Yorkers celebrate the Diamond Jubilee? Well, Amanda's Mom is from England and we needed a good excuse for some good food. PLUS, I had a drink recipe. The Big Liz straight from Aunt Peaches blog. She appears to be one cool cat, so I had to try it.

There is a spot in the recipe where it calls for either 1 cup of gin or two, and when it was my turn to mix the drinks, I kinda figured Amanda was using the 2 cup version. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

You can't see it on either side of the bottle from the photos, but it says MADE IN LONDON in nice raised letters. I thought it was cool and went with my theme....little did I know that gin is evil. 

Anyhow, they are packing up and heading out so I am sure one more thing to pack really made her happy! 

I did enjoy sand blasting this bottle aside from the time it takes to get a nice frosted look and the sand that lands in your hair. I even made sure I hit the little red plastic thing up up at the top to make that aged look. :-) Mostly kidding on that, I really couldn't help but hit it since that sand sprays everywhere!

The silver scroll sticker behind the flowers is silver metal duct tape and was cut using a Big Shot. Embossed onto the bottle using a Popsicle stick. 

Then I added some patina paint by Ranger to the metal cherub piece and grudged it up a bit with some other ink. Hot glued all my bling on. 

The roses I added were a gift from Shirley the other day. Got lots of mileage out of them!

And a crystal stopper made out of a knob and a cork all glued together with some gorilla epoxy. Just added a pretty little gem to the top to finish off where the whole was!

Anyhow, I hope they find their adventure and love it!

Amanda did leave me with a cool prize last night from her Mum.

NOW, I can make Lizzy Hill's biscuits!

So see ya on the flip side Amanda and Jordan! Thanks for the treacle and the laughs and beware of Gin!


  1. MAN! I am soooo excited for've got golden syrup!!!! And that Gin bottle certainly has a history...she'll LOVE it:):):)

  2. Wow! Love that bottle! What a nice present...and so meaningful!

  3. Fabulous Bottle, and enjoy your syrup, it makes the best caramel with butter sugar and condensed milk... yum!!

  4. Lovely bottle...don't use syrup in a recipe that calls for's a totally different thing!
    Alison xx

  5. Bwhahahaha...only you could make a gift like's spectacular! I love that it has such history to it and what a neat thing for your friends to take on their new journey with them. The glaze looks amazing and the metallic tape...awesome!

    Your rock chica...great gift, great thinking and great creativity.
    P.s. I whispered this whole message, just incase.... ;)

  6. Amazzzzing bottle glad you sobered up before you sand blasted it. I have a tin of Golden Syrup in my larder so I'm off to try the recipe. I shall hold you responsible if I gain a few pounds!!! lol

  7. Oooh I love golden syrup - I have it with my oats every morning for breakfast! That bottle really is incredibly creative. I have no idea how to sandblast things - you should give a tutorial on that some time. And die-cutting the metal tape was simply ingenious...


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