Friday, August 31, 2012

Pedi Page for Our Creative Corner

Sometimes something goes together fairly easily and the technique works out exactly like you were hoping. After all my painting issues, I was due one fairly easy project!

So, last night THE MAN was sitting at my desk and I was putting a few things away in my scrap area. I had in my hands a nice little tub of fresh plaster and I told him it was a great gift.

He was running out to the hardware store one day, asked if I needed anything and brought me back some plaster. I did have a few holes to patch in the wall, but I had a hunch it might work on paper and altered items. It so did!

I wish you could see how very cool it looks in real life. It's very embossed.

Shirley bought me this awesome template from The Crafter's Workshop recently and I have been itching to use it. Love the clocks. It is reminding me to take some time for pampering!!!

Basically, laid it flat over my paper and used a piece of heavy cardstock to push the plaster into the stencil. Let it dry, inked it up, and then sprayed with clear acrylic to hold it all together and...while the spray was wet, dropped on some glitter. You can kinda see the sparkle in this photo.

You can certainly see the sparkle on my green frame there with the words "Pedi" and there is a good reason I'm using GREEN on the little metal frame I inked up. I'm linking this page up to Our Creative Corner and their weekly challenge.

You will notice that they are asking also for recycled items on this page. 

Besides the small piece of canvas I used up, I threw some pop dot foam that was pretty nasty under my material/photo to make it stand out. 

And, about the page! Love love LOVE Pedicures!! The girl that gives them is great with massage and you walk way feeling like a million bucks! 


  1. What a very, very clever idea...what a wonderful hubby giving you such a thoughtful gift {LOL:):):)]....looks fab...I wonder if putty would work the same???!!!!

  2. This is just too cute! Great gift!

  3. You come up with such great ideas Mitra!
    Alison xx

  4. What a cute SB page! Love the bright colors and that plaster and stencil work is fantastic! And now Iwant to run right out for a pedicure - LOL. Always a treat to have you sharing with us over at Our Creative Corner. Thanks for joining in the recycling fun with us this week.


  5. Hi.. that masking does look good, and so does the pedi... and to be honest.. I have never had one.. a pedi that is!

  6. Plaster looks waaaay better on a LO than walls and I'm certain MUCH more fun! Cute toes too. I was actually thinking the other day that it had been awhile since the dress shoes that we'd seen them...LOL and then bam! Two posts.
    Excellent idea for recycling and loved the pop of green.
    Thank you so much for joining us at Our Creative Corner Mitra!

  7. Soooo funny page, so creative, love these stunning clock on the back, the frame , colors,,,,love it, it inspired me.

  8. Great page! I've booked a spa visit for me & Chelsea next week as a result!! She's home on Saturday - woohoo!!!

  9. Hi Mitra. You have such a fun and colourful style and I just love everything you create. I am so very happy you have decided to join me in my last two challenges on Our Creative Corner. Your pages are always wonderful and a real pleasure to see.



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