Monday, August 27, 2012

Water Fun and a page by my Sistah In Law

Soooo, by the time this posts, we should be heading back from a camping weekend at The Enchanted Forest Water Safari. It's a fun little local splash park. OK, so not exactly local, but within a few hours.

Lots of fun times I have had there. NOT. Used to work there when I was younger. Never went there for fun, so I guess we'll see how I do trying to have fun....

Anyhow thought posting a pool page would be a good theme for today. She made this for me for our Summer of 2012 Great Page Exchange.

Love the buttons, the letters, the sparkle...

And, not to leave Eddie out....he's the dude in the star floaty on top...He sent me this in a package.

In case you are confused....this is a drawing of nighttime activities here. Flashlight tag to be exact.

We set one kid up with a huge flash light and make everyone else hide.

Sometimes people hide in the apple trees out front. That is why there are little feet sticking out of it.

Thankfully the other day I spotted the HUGE hornets nest and got it sprayed before someone happened upon it while hiding. YIKES!

Anyhow, hope your Monday is most EXCELLENT!


  1. Hope you DO enjoy it -always nice to get away:):) your sil did an awesome job. I have some of those sequins...what a great idea!!! LOVE. Your neph's drawing...soooo cute. Scrapable!!!!

  2. Sooooo stunning picts,,,,,,,love thw wayt you showcase them....

  3. HI.. yes I do know about the touch light hidey go seek thingy!! and a fabulous layout.. love the sequins!!

  4. How sweet is his drawing! Interesting page composition,Mitra... love the red & blue alphas :)

  5. She did a wonderful page. I like the red, white, and blue. That drawing is just fab too!

  6. Cute page she made you! I like the sequiny sparkles! Did you know that in Africa we call a flash light a torch?

  7. What a great family you have. So much fun together and obviously natural born artists!!

    Nice save on the nest..that brought back instant horrors of a certain dog meets porcupine episode.

  8. This is such a great page and I love that he chose to thank you with a drawing of his favorite activity!

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