Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cigar Box Alteration & at Odds with the Universe

You ever feel at odds with the universe? The only reason I ask is that with this box, I was pretty sure I had done something wrong on some kind of cosmic level.

VERY wrong.

I started off with a cigar box base that came in a recent Zeus and Zoe Kit from Marivic.

I don't have before photos. Imagine a cigar box if you will. ;-)

I headed out to the driveway where I usually spray paint.

My driveway is littered with little spray paint outlines. THE MAN seems to have a problem with this. Sometimes he comes out of his garage lair, points into the sky and declares the wind direction to be a problem and do I really want spray paint on my new jeep.

Anyhow this particular night he was not available to give me a hard time.

I was having trouble with the spray paint can so marched back into the garage and ripped the top off another can as a replacement. It did start spraying at that point, but intermittently, so I was getting ready to rip the top off again, when it sprayed me in the face.

Now, I could see black freckles on my nose at that point. Lucky for me, nothing got in my eye balls.

I did not know I looked like a leaper. Finished my spray job as the clog was now gone and headed back into the house.

Met THE MAN on the steps.

He gave me a hairy eye ball.

ME:  You like my new freckles?
ME:  Does it look real bad?
HIM: luck getting that off. It's even in your NOSE.

He is trying nicely not to laugh and not look too grossed out.

Oh it was bad bad bad. And took a bit of serious scrubbing and examination to remove all the splatters.

Thankfully this box is all finished now! I tell you, it kinda fought me every step of the way!

I LURVE those feet!!!And my little lock! And the edges with the metal scrolls....and my Zeus & Zoe key....all were prettied up with some Adirondack Alcohol silver ink which sticks to metal like white on rice. ;-)

I am playing along with ScrapFriend's fabulous color challenge.

And a quick shout out goes to Ignacio at Nicecrane Designs for The Fascinating Victorian Women image I used for the little frame.

Is she not darlin'? I paired her up next to a bloom from Manor House and a few handmade blooms from Anni at Handgathered goods.

I used another image from Ignacio/Nicecrane for the inside. His customized top & bottom edges are genus!

They are really sweet and made a nice addition to my lid. I think that perhaps when I am inclined to give this box away as a gift, I'll add a little personalized note there all handwritten. 

Happy Altering and always point the nozzle away from your face. ;-)


  1. I am not done recovering from your last post and there you go again!
    The ciggie box looks divine and you rock!

  2. Love this box, you have created a gem. Wish I could have seen the face, too funny.

  3. Hahaha oooooh dear!!!! You are one committed artist that's for sure! I was out the other day when I noticed my fingertips were all stained with yellow cadmium ink and I thought oooooh dear the other soccer moms are going to think I'm a serious nicotine addict!! Gorgeous box - well worth the freckles!!

  4. Wowwww Mitra,,,,,love this box,,, with these all metallic touches and all over the stunning way you used my woman pict.....,,,and these gorgeus flower,,,,,horayyyy for Mitra,,,,. I love the idea to use my custom edges on the inside,,,woww, woww.

  5. Wow! This is just sooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love this!

  6. This is just beautiful. The colours and design work so well. Wishing you a fab Thursday.
    Doing Life
    Digistamps4Joy DT Member
    Tammy’s Scrapin Corner DT Member

  7. I'm with're funny (as in ha ha) was worth it! This turned out soooo all the embellies & especially your silvered up bits...perfect for the colour challenge & so nice to see an that you play along at Scrap Friends:):):)

  8. If this is the cosmic blunder that needs to transpire in order for such an incredible outcome....then straight on the face it goes BEFORE I even begin because this is a KNOCK OUT!

    Incredible work with the Nicecrane images too.

  9. So nice to see my roses on someone else's work! Thanks a ton for the shout out. That was sweet of you. I tell my kids that no one has to give you anything, but when they do, ya better acknowledge it! Your the best.
    Your story is hilarious and the box turned out awesome.
    xo Anni

  10. OHHH my - what an effort!!! So glad you are super committed to your craft :) Love the take on the colour challenge, it turned out beautifully. Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Friends.

  11. HI, this cigar box looks wonderful, and I am sure has made all the effort and nose spots worth it.. the sacrifice you make for your love of turning the old into new is remarkable!!

  12. Hilarious! Love the effort you've put into this - and its certainly paid off! Love the feet on the box and the way you've combined the colours.

  13. Oh, the things you suffer for your art!!! This is gorgeous and I love the legs and all of the inked up pieces! So glad you came out of this with minimal damage!!

  14. :D :D :D!!! this is one funny story!! glad you missed your eyeballs - that might have been quite another story... anyhow, I really like the box. looks pretty fab !! thanks for joining the fun at ScrapFriends w/ us!

  15. Wow! What a story, and what a fabulous interpretation of our challenge. You've used the colours perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Scrap Friends.

  16. what a fab take on the's really beautiful..thanks so much for joining in at SF! :)


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