Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BRAVE Scrapbook Layout from the Movie

OHHHHH, love it when a plan works out.

My sis in law just texted me and said my package arrived, so by the time she reads this post, she will have seen this page in real life.

I made one for her and one for me.

This is mine, hers is just a smidge different like all hand made things go. But I have mine here and it's sunny today, so good photos for posting!

Can you see that green gauze behind everything. That is what turned my fingers green that I wrote about on Saturday. So dyed it myself too. A bed of flowers need a bit of moss don't you think?

Rolled those flowers up myself, cut the hinges from my cutter...basically got all kind of fussy...

Found that graphic of the title Brave out on the internet, printed it out nice and big and fussy cut it.

See, I said there was a lot of fussy about this page!

And was it a good movie? It really was. It was surprisingly good. Plus, when you have free refills of popcorn? That is also good. See it with cousins? Even better.

Happy Tuesday! And hopefully my sis in law will love her version!


  1. Wow! Simply beautiful! Love the stunning cluter of flowers...amazing!

  2. Glad to hear you sounding so chipper! A happy page indeed!! LOVE your fussy-cut title. Art therapy is awesome :)

  3. This is AWESOME vintage and that BRAVE is fantastic!!! Most excellent LO :)

  4. LOVE-LOVE the page. The flower cluster is fab, well worth the green fingers. Yahoo to your fussy cutting.

  5. Ah-hah@ And a good shade of green it is, too-----absolutely awestruck by your fussy cut title...it's amazing...really great....looks like the family had fun at this one. What's not to like, if pop corn is involved:):):)

  6. What a coincidence...the kids and I saw BRAVE in June :) Must do a page at the movies. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. WOW this is really a beautiful page and I love the green gauze. I just love how your mind works in that way, do you know what I mean?? Love the fussy cutting and the little details. x

  8. Another great page! Love the title and all of those wonderful flowers with your green moss! Great idea to do a 'trip to the movies' page...


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