Monday, August 6, 2012

The Crafting Cottage in Corning NY

yes yes YES, I know the photo is blurry.

What do you want. My hands were shaking confronted with all that goodness in one place!

This is a very small peek in the door at the Crafting Cottage in Corning, NY. 

It is a great small town full of artyness.

There is a spot to also paint your own ceramics and over at the Corning Museum of Glass, you can blow your own glass ornament! 

It was nice being a tourist there.

When you live there, you tend to forget the arty fun and just do the day to day. 

Drool worthy selection of all sorts of lovely things. Alcohol inks, wow!!!
A big selection of the store was dedicated to stamping, which is oober amazing, but something I skipped over looking at.

I have MANY MANY stamps. Good stamps. And for some reason I have been skipping past them in my crafting. I hesitate to get rid of them as art can be fickle and you never know when you might be back at it!

I think I shall challenge myself to stamp something on every page I make..either that or they need to go on Ebay...I am in a clearing house mood these days where LESS IS MORE. 

Hope your Monday is going well!


  1. I'm with you on the less is more thing. I've been destashing a bit. That's what I'm calling it. Getting rid of my stash. LOL I'm not crying to see it go either. If it's something I haven't used for 3 years... OUT! That store is dangerous though. It makes me want to buy new stuff. LOL

  2. WOW! I would have been in that store for looks fab!
    Alison xx

  3. Looks like a fun place!

    Your challenge to do more stamping on your projects sounds like a good one...I'll be watching to see the results. :)

  4. Can you see the stains on this comment? They're pools of dry drool!!!!! Oh, I would've come out with sooooo much stuff .....I'm so glad there are no craft shops here...I'd be broke. My fingers are twitching.....all those inks!!!!!

  5. Oh this looks like a lovely shop!! good place for some therapy!

  6. Ooooh yummmm!!! I don't mind having a lot of stuff. Getting it here is such a mission that I'm not flippant in parting with it - I think the trick is great storage. When everything has a home things always look tidy enough :)


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