Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cork Board by Aunt Coco

I had GREAT intentions of posting this early this morning, but it was not to be.

So, rolling with what was handed to me, it now gets posted tonight. I think you'll enjoy it now just as much. ;-) Of course since we nearing the end of our day, Australia will enjoy it in their morning. Hey Australia!!! Morning!!!

I have been waiting for this project for years. I can remember my Aunt Connie (Or her Paris nick name Coco) collecting these corks for years.


I was little. VERY little. Little enough to think a taste of wine was nasty...

Having watched someone make a very small cork board the other day, I realize how long these corks take collect, even if you drink wine frequently. ;-)

Look at the sweet copper insets. My Aunt CLAIMS that I got these for her somewhere. She is probably right. I have amnesia occasionally but I am sure if I spotted real embossed copper plates at a second hand store or garage sale, I was ALL OVER IT like white on rice. Even if it was a real long time ago.

OK, I am going to digress here just for a minute. I was on Anupama's blog the other day, Scrapbooks from India and she wished me a HAPPY HUMP DAY. It was the best part of my day. Anytime we can hook other people up with our really crazy American if Wednesday was a big ole hairy caterpillar....or the top of a hill....

Anyone want to tell me now if "white on rice" is just an American slang thingie? I use it all the time. In fact, I only ever recall an long ex boyfriend saying it. It was one of the more useful things I think I took away from that relationship....that and a pair of earrings my Mom loves.

Anyhow, back to copper insets. LOOOOK at all those pretty labels on the corks. Holy wow, that is pretty stuff right there. A bit jealous.

Yeah. Exactly. You like it too...all vintagy...and a wee bit stained from the red wine. Delish.

THIS is the same Aunt with all that good dark birthday chocolate which just enjoying her successful project over a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate! Enjoy your success, Aunt C!


  1. So...we know where you get your creative genes from, eh? This is just sensational...unique & all the memories in those bottles that have been drunk. Never heard of the white rice saying...but I'm only one li'l MORNING time interesting if other countries do use that one. Hump day has certainly spread - I'd never heard that one before coming into Scrappy World, actually, either....have a good one:):):) Day. Not hump. Stopping right there. I guess your 'humping' has a similar meaning to ours...or not???!!!!

  2. Wow! This is simply amazing! Love it! We collect corks too....

  3. I do believe that is probably the coolest wall I've ever seen. Okay, so there's the building built of corn, but seriously...drink wine or shuck??? Exactly...
    WTG Aunt Coco :)

  4. Amazing project. What a labour of love - I would love to do that but Id need to drink a bottle of wine for the rest of my life & would only get it up in my 80s LOL!!!

  5. Know where you get your quirky ideas now Mitra. What a gorgeous screen. Love the panels. Are they originals? Never heard the white on rice thingy in Blighty.

  6. hmmm can't say I have heard of that "white on rice"saying and I agree hump day has definitely spread across the I do love what you did with the corks, obviously I'm not consuming enough alcohol in my house, give it time my DD just turned 18. I like the copper inserts as well it really sets it all of.

  7. This is fantastic! I have a very small bowl of corks that I've been hanging on to, but this is amazing!! Unfortunately so many companies are going away from natural cork... But at least we have this beauty to admire!!

  8. Absolutely sooo stunning it, love it , love it and I love the room,,,,,I want a one so...


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