Saturday, August 4, 2012

Loss of Joy and other such ramblings....

Love having the kids out of school. To me, it's so much less stress than having to deal with all the really tough things like studying Canadian History.

Having grown up myself quite a ways from the Canadian boarder, we skipped all that in school.

Not here, a mere half hour away from the boarder....Between that and the Science Lesson on the evils of plastic bottles....I had quite enough schooling last year personally.

However, 10 weeks of endless sleeping in, reading books, slugging, and snacking by two small people also gets old. So, I made sure to sign them up for a week of camp each. It was a great plan several months ago.

Little did I know that downtown Canton through which I had to pass through twice daily to get Luke to Camp Invent would be torn up this week. A 15 minute drive turned into 45 minutes of dodging backhoes.

It is a war zone. A sweat box of metal and machinery.

Just when I figured out a cool way around things, they would thwart my plans and tear up something else.

Oddly, working at home, this was only slightly inconvenient. Yes, it meant less crafting as I made up the time in the evenings.

The joy drain was just the trip.

Work has also been icky. In the general scheme of things in my line of work, typically summer is when you are building things, not drafting them up.  Not so much this summer. We have had people working overtime for weeks, the e-mails have been massive, and tempers high.

So, basically by Wed. evening I was feeling like a rubber band that had lost it's stretch.

What is the best thing to do when this happens?


No really. Just stop.

At least it works for me.

I took Thursday off, posted it on my skype, signed out of my skype, and got my fingers green.

I made flowers, worked on a page, hot glued.

And basically, poured water on my arty soul.

I am happy to report the missing Joy was found and things went along much better after that.


  1. You make me laugh with your story!! great fingers!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Mitra, I must admit I totally loved when the kids commenced school holidays, no more boring daily grind of the school routine and if I wanted to sleep in then YAY I could. But it looks like you tortured yourself more in the end with the journey to camp. I at least hope they had a good time at camp.

  3. Have to agree with Keren....Green fingers...hmnnnn...looking forward to seeing what green-ness creations you've been working on....& since they're green, might be good time to get stuck into the garden!!!!!! Sounds more fun than work...but glad you have a PLAN to go to:):):):)

  4. Glad you got your groove back! Art is truly rejuvenating, isn't it?

  5. YYAAA missing joy is found... look forward to seeing what creations the green fingers got up to!!

  6. Glad you found your joy again :) Keep crafting!

  7. So glad to hear it! You deserve it. :)

  8. A great reminder of why we craft in the first place! Much more fun than therapy!!


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