Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Love Hook Board

So, it's been two years since we moved in here at this house.

For two years, I have endured the top of my jewelry box being the home to spare things. Might just be a shirt or two, but regardless, when I want to find some earrings, I have to move them off the top.

Not a huge deal since I don't wear jewelry all that often due to the fact that nobody sees it....except the dogs....but, I did get the urge to have THE MAN start hanging up his things....and wanted a spot for a few of my things too.

So, since I likely can't buy something I'd like, I made my own.

I modge podged some doilies, roses, and cool images onto a board and added hooks.

The images are an easy peasy download from Nice Crane Designs and were previously magazine covers. They are designed as ATC images, but I like how they work on this board. I printed them out on an 81/2 by 11 sheet of photo paper and sprayed them with clear acrylic before working with them. The acrylic protects them from the Modge Podge which makes them run.

Here is another shot of the middle of the board. I love those dresses and hats! So feminine!

How do you like the little red roses? I love those...they are pretty and embossed.

Added various spritzes and ink pads to get the shimmery background. Of course shimmer modge podge helps too!

I may have gone a little TOO girly with this hook board though.

I got THE LOOK when I asked how he liked it. Evidently someone thinks its pretty um...feminine for his taste. Not like his shirts will know!

p.s. How do you like that background I took those photos on? That is a huge boulder that sticks up in my lawn. When we moved here, they were hiding it under a small little garden. I was super excited to find the rock. I know, I may be slightly crazy...but I do love a good boulder. ;-)


  1. This is FABULOUS! A real project and not something put together for a DT...I love it. Thanks for the inspiration, Mitra. I am saving this in a folder for future DIY home projects :)

  2. I was looking at that boulder the whole way through! I agree it is stunning!! Great project! Those hooks are awesome!! Beautifully done & super handy too!!!

  3. I like the boulder! Who would cover that up? Glad you freed it. :) BTW, what's that green stuff right next to it? I know it's not grass. Grass is brown and crunchy and sounds like bubble wrap when you walk on it. Hmmm...that must be some sort of fungus you have in your yard. HA!
    Mitra, Ignacio probably fell over when he saw this!! This should be for your side of the room and then you could make him one for his side with carpet and embellishments of jewelry. Start slow and condition him to make him think it's carpet and your jewelry box! Eventually move it into the closet. OMG...did we just create an idea that we should patent?

  4. Yet another inspirational project, and yes I was looking at the boulder too, wondered if it was the bedroom wall at first!!!

  5. Love your boulder; love your hook board - that greenish colour is VERY masculine...& let's face it - if The Man hangs Stuff Up...he aint gonna see the girly stuff....what an incentive! Clever Mitra:):):):)

  6. Dear Mitra,,,sorry for the delay to comment,problems with my connection,,,Absolutely a Play of Art,,,so unique,,,so different, a innovative project,and I was sure you´d do a real incredible one,,,I ´ll be posting it in my Newsletter in a few hours......Horayyy for Mitra.


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