Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Connie!

A couple of months back I found this interesting container at the Second Hand Store. It appears to really be an antique and has this great metal banding that is partially rusty. Appealing to me with the grungy durable thing. 

Thought long and hard as to WHY I'd need this and then thought, why of course! It would make a great container for a birthday gift for my Aunt that lives in San Fran. 

Of course, her birthday is today and I finally got around to putting good yummy stuff in it yesterday.

What a good excuse to go to the Chocolate Shop!

Handmade a tag to go in this gift, used some pretty Lizzy Hill flowers and a cool graphic from Nice Crane Designs!

I think this would be a very useful graphic to have on hand for tags and cards. And the colors are delicious!

Now all that is left is to find a box and send it! I'm lucky, my mail lady rocks!

We bonded one day when her car refused to start in my driveway and we spent some time troubleshooting her battery. Turned out it was the actual cable and I figured that out the phone with the THE MAN. Was pretty proud of myself right there. ;-)

Anyhow, she was holding out for her new wheels! A Lime Green Jeep with Right Hand Drive. Yes, you guys elsewhere would love it, since it would work on your roads!!! 

So anyhow, Miss Mail Carrier with the Cool Jeep will stop by soon and grab this package and get it on the way to you Aunt Connie. Have a happy one today!


  1. Wowww,wowww,wowww, Mitra absolute a delicious to watch your elegant and vntage gift, tag,,,love the colors,,,,so vintage, so vibrant, and all over WHAT INCREDIBLE AND SO UNIQUE GIFT TO YOUR AUNT........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY,,,,

  2. Anyone would be thrilled to get such an awesome present. You are so sweet Mitra. Happy Birthday to your Aunt!

  3. Yep, one lucky, obviously much loved Aunty....Nicecrane really do have NICE stuff!!! I need to get out the Freebie he sent me & have a 'play'!!!And I ADORE the colour of that jeep...R Hand drive...interesting!!! Glad you've found a use for the flowers:):):)

  4. A civilised car then!! Love the colour, lucky lady will enjoy the mail rounds much more now.

    Lucky Aunty as wel, very cool container and those goodies look intriguing. x

  5. I envy your aunt, Mitra and your tag looks fabulous!

  6. What an amazing gift for your aunt, so much thought into what to give her. I love all the bits and pieces and on another note I love the Jeep as well.

  7. OOOO happy birthday aunty!! and I love what you have created.. and the image you have used is really beautiful.. and I love your mail lady's vehicle.. it sure would stand out on our roads!!

  8. Did I read that correctly? Dark chocolate with dried cranberries and blueberries? Did I die? Is this Heaven????
    What a find with that bucket and Happy B-day to your Aunt.
    Any more room for adoptions????
    Tell your mail lady that's a VERY nice ride and before I forget...
    AWESOME vintage TAG!!

  9. You have a mail lady that comes to your house? How does that work?? Like a courier company you mean? Wow Aunt Connie is thoroughly spoiled & I love the images from Nice Crane. Lovely gift tub!

  10. Gorgeous tag to go along with the yummy goodies in that AWESOME bucket!! Wishing I was your Aunt...

  11. Great post Mitra and that jeep is awesome. I'm actually going to look at a Jeep in McAllen TX tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it because this would be my first one. Thank you for sharing your story with us!


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