Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A 'Lil Snow and Herb Ox Altered Tin Top Photos

It snowed here last night. Not sunny today in the least, but it is looking a bit like Christmas!

I promised to get my 12 Tags of Christmas Tin Tops for the challenge over at the Funkie Junkie posted with new photos when we got sun...but since it's still snowing, I might be out of luck for a few days!

So, snuck out in my slippers and got a photo or two for you!

The two new tin tops are on the bottom.

The green star one was inspired by Tag 9 over at the Funkie Junkie Blog. Love the wood looking base, the star, and the pop of red.

The second top was inspired by this very cool chimney tag that Linda made. Of course, the silver bottle cap was originally rust colored and actually CAME from Linda's store as did the alcohol ink to dye it silver.

And, on to the rest of the tin tops...

The little reindeer tin top is also new and was inspired by Tag 7. I found this to be one of the hardest tin tops as the little deer image I found was only about 2 inches high! Lucky for me it was on some Christmas paper! Fussy cutting was um, challenging for me. ;-)

Here is a close up of the last two. I found some really cool small holly stickers for the one on the left and added some red stickles for the berries. I also managed to use the SAME button that Linda used on her tag! Betcha she got it from her store

And here is Linda's Tag 11.

 The last tin top was one of the hardest. I loved the red and the gold, so used the colors. And the little image of the boy and the girl just needed to be used with a pink bloom!

AND, I did say snow, didn't I, Miss Lisa from Kansas. Based on the hot card you have uploaded on your blog today, you might need some coolin' off.

Far be it from me to deny you folks living in warmer places a snow photo! ;-)

And at the risk of making a pun at Lisa's expense, Happy Hump Day. ;-)


  1. Haha haha haha...LMBO!!!!! You rock! Dude, the new tins are amazing and the new pictures are soooooooo way better in that flippin' snow!!! Dadgumit!!!
    LOL...Happy "hump" day to you too! ;)

  2. Yep, superb photos...wouldn't mind a bit of snow as our hot north wind kicks in here....LOVE these - you must be really, really tickled pink with how they turned out:):):)

  3. Love all your tins Mitra, are they really only 2"x 2"? Love the snowy scenes too. We are having rain, wind and more rain.

  4. Loveeeeeeeee your tins and those tags!!!! GORGEOUS!! And you know where I live now... so send me some snow too! I MISS NY!!!

  5. Oh wow, really love how your little tins have turned out.. and thanks for the photos, I have never seen snow in real life.. I guess i will have to just keep imagining what it looks like... heading into a hot summer here!!


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