Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas from Fabulous Las Vegas

In a move that most people would find crazy, we opted to hang out for Christmas in Las Vegas. Of course, direct flights from a city near us also helped. ;-)

Both kids have birthdays near December and THE MAN and I were coming up short on great ideas for gifts. Plus, having spent nearly two months reorganizing their rooms for larger desks and making multiple trips to drop items off at Best Friends in Potsdam for them to resell, I was a little down on buying stuff!

So boycotted presents and bought plane tickets. And off we went in search of Christmas lights on palm trees and a delicious Christmas dinner in a Casino.

We stayed at the Hard Rock Casino, although not being my first choice in lodging, the kids did think we were pretty cool.

I do have to thank Julie for the great idea. Last year they went and she posted some cool photos from the Bellagio. So, here is a polar bear for you, Julie!

Of course, it was a bummer pulling into the driveway last night. It was SNOWING.

Woke up to huge snow!!!! Here is a photo of my son taken through our sliding glass door that had snow drifted up to almost the middle!

Hope you had a merry one yourselves!


  1. EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!! I am so happy you were in LV for Christmas!! It is BEAUTIFUL there!!!! I am SO HAPPY you liked the Bellagio too!! Isn't there flower garden just AMAZING?!?!!?!? I just loveeeeeeee what their designers do with flowers!!!!! Loving the photos!!! Thanks for sharing them!!!! :)

  2. Lucky thing...didn't your Man go there earlier in the year???!!!! Be good to get some warmth into the bones...presume it doesn't have QUITE as much snow there as you've gotten....teehee:):):)!!!!

  3. I think it's just AWESOME that you did that Mitra! The memories that you made will be so much more wonderful than any toy you'd have given them. Especially when half of the time they forget the toys a month after they get them. They will never forget the trip though. SO cool!


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