Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Cards Ignacio Style

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Nice Crane. Seriously.

Ignacio at Nice Crane Designs makes me so happy when he puts new images in his store!

I used a very vintage Christmas image (see it up in the corner) to make my cards.

I printed many at a time for my card fronts using Picasa (a free download from Google) and slide them under some card stock using a circle cutter.

I actually made these in a very short amount of time due to having the image all printed!

Stop over if you love vintage images. There are TONS in his store!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. These are beautiful images, and I love your cards.. wonderful idea..

  2. Gorgeous cards, "lovin" everything about them.

  3. These are lovely! I agree those images are very pretty!!


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