Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Building a Garden in December

I will do just about anything to avoid putting up the Christmas tree.

Which is why I have spent a couple of weekends schlepping rocks around with the Kubota Tractor.

Mr. Corn (the dude that owns the field across the street from the house) has huge rock piles on the side of his field.  Since the soy beans have been cut for quite sometime, I can raid rocks without disturbing the crops.

 I also have 25 acres of my own to pick from.

I decided at one point while scooping the top soil with the bucket on the tractor that I was destined for great things.

Got off and asked nicely where the nearest bulldozer training class was. I really could see myself sitting in a dozer all day playing in the dirt. I just need a good audio book...

As you can see, I am starting an active campaign to steal neighbor Shirley's birds. I assure you that prior to the photo the were at least fifteen hanging out at my new just kidding. Actually I had to refill it. The chick-a-dees are greedy little fiends and there was almost nothing left.

The post was from a Hemlock tree that had fallen over across the creek during a recent storm. So we crossed the creek, chain sawed off the branches and almost instantly, I had a nice post to use for free!

The weird folded rock was mined from the rock piles across the street. THE MAN isn't fond of my design. I tried to tell him I was being an Inca, but for some reason he wasn't buying it.

Anyhow, come spring, the dirt will be all settled in, I can put wood chips on it and plant it all up. I can't wait. It looks a little rough now, but I know it will be nearly ready when I am wanting to plant gardens and not build them!

As far as a future career as a bulldozer driver? That is always still an option...


  1. OH love it sooooo much. The birds in our area will think they live on Rodeo Drive.

  2. Ann got me addicted to birds this year too. I'm constantly at the window waiting for something other than chick-o-dee's.

  3. Ignore The Man.....I'm sure your vision, like the Inca's will come to fruition & he'll be really impressed with what you create....Chrissy tree up yet???!!!!!

  4. Very cool eco project!! I have always had a fascination with big machines & would love to join you on a bulldozer course!!

  5. I actually LIKE the folded rock. Your birdhouse is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what the garden looks like when it's planted.

  6. I will be needing a new garden in winter next year - you and your bulldozer are more than welcome to come across to help out....

    loving the bird feeder

    ps - go put up your tree now! - even I have done ours and I can procrastinate better than anyone...

  7. Ok this looks great! love the bird feeder, now for a few loads of horse/cow poo ready for planting.. and then you can put up your christmas tree!!haha!

  8. I would rather garden any day, but I too need to get the tree up!I looks lie a splendid garden to hold some wonderful plants. The birds will fertilze for free!


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