Monday, December 24, 2012

ScrapFriends Sketch Challenge: One Photo Layout

Every year I hand make Christmas cards and I always like to have a photo of the kids to include. We don't do a lot of presents anymore with a lot of folks, so I do like to make sure those friends & family we hold dear at least get something small that is handmade and has a recent photo.

The card making was the easy part this year, although I make quite a few so it gets slightly monotonous. Finding something for my daughter to wear was the challenge since there are not many local places to shop.

I ended up with a funny t-shirt that said "I'm Santa's Favorite" but the photo I ended up using didn't even show that!

It looks warm here, but really was not. They were freezing and it was just bright enough that the photos I snapped had Luke squinting.

Here is a close up of my ornaments and journaling. Love the idea and got it from the latest ScrapFriend's Sketch.

Isn't this a terrific sketch? Plus, you get to rip paper! :-)

The challenge is also open for quite a while longer, so maybe during the holidays, you can give it a whirl yourself!

And my flower cluster! Used my LAST flower up from Irini & Get Creative and also two soft beautiful roses from Lizzy Hill.

Heading off on an adventure so will be back in a few days to tell you all about it!

Check out my Christmas post for a cool story from my Dad written just for you guys on Christmas Day. It's funny!


  1. What a ripper of a job!!!! Really LOVE this...that film strip is fab & your cluster....yummy:):):):). Gorgeous kiddos, too !!!!!

  2. LOVE this! What a fabulous LO! xx

  3. Could be going crazy...but can't see this linked up at Scrap Friends????....

  4. AWESOME colors!!! Adorable kids....
    Wonderful LO and I can't get enough of the flowers. :)

  5. Have a great adventure Mitra, love the photo of those two gorgeous kids. They're growing so fast!!!
    You might just have tempted me to scrap today as I love ripping paper. Very theraputic for me right now!!!

  6. Your ornaments are gorgeous, and the photo really lovely. Great layout!

  7. beautiful take on the sketch Mitra! :)


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