Monday, December 17, 2012

becoming LOST: Layout for AFSC

There is another challenge up over at Another Freaking Scrappy that you might enjoy. It's a sketch, so you can run with it any which way you might like. I chose to rotate it and run the banners in a portrait format. Love all the flowers that Anne has on this sketch. Very lovely.

The subject of my page is rather introspective. 

Have you ever gotten going with something and realized a while later that you had actually gotten off course with what you really wanted to accomplish?

When I started blogging about scrapbooking, I was mainly trying to connect & have fun. We had just moved and left a little group of creative girls who liked the same things I liked. Interestingly enough, that is still my main goal. I am not looking to become a famous blogger or scrapper or anything like that. ;-)

I have a day job that is, well a job! Plus that other job which is being a Mum as they call it in Australia. 

Right before leaving to go off to Peru, I felt like I had gotten wound up into too many obligations on the scrapping side of things, plus work had gotten really crazy due to a huge project that we got roped into doing. I felt like I was dropping the ball right and left with everything.

Thankfully my family understood. THE MAN has had his fair share of work craziness and just helped pick up the slack. I work for a small company and not getting the work done is not an option as they will ask some other sub contracting firm to do the work leaving a slew of people with jobs but no work which eventually means no jobs. Not a good option. 

My parents told me I was going to Peru with them and leaving the phone and computers AT HOME. I think they saw the writing on the wall as I was nearly heading into self destruct mode. 

In the airport getting ready to take off on our international flight to Peru I got an e-mail from a scrappy boss that kicked almost her entire team to the curb for not helping her out when she was having trouble herself. I felt horrible for letting someone I didn't even know personally down.

As we lifted off the runway, I wrote myself a note in a journal I had brought with me.

It said simply:  

Priorities 1)  Home
                2) Work 

and nothing about blogging or scrapping 'cause that is the frosting on my cupcake of life and should never ever make me feel badly. 

Was it bad form of the scrappy boss to send that e-mail on the very day I was leaving? I'd like to think it wasn't deliberate, but regardless, it was a good life lesson for me for me on over committing. 

I can tell that the last six months has changed me a lot. My scrappy style seems to have gotten cleaner and less complicated. And if I don't have time to get something done, it just won't get done. 

One of my favorite things on this page is from a fellow scrapper Lizzy Hill from Australia who sent me this Manner House bloom to ink up. She is a rock star scrapper and someone I'm glad I connected with. 

The dyed gauze and gold glitter on the little metal frame I made for the word "LOST" came from Helen. She gave me the idea for the gauze ages and ages ago and I've used it for many pages. The the gold glitter spray came in a package from her! It looks quite pretty on the frame, better than in a photo. I am glad I met her too, as I have gotten tons of ideas from her scrappin!

And last but not least, my little quote by Billy Joel that I used on a scenic photo from Peru:  I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist.

And Anne the Scrappy Boss of AFSC? Thanks for having me on your challenge blog and for being super cool. 




  1. Knew something was going on around that time...& now I really AM made that flower your own, my friend. Good girl for sorting the priorities's easy to get carried away, isn't it???!!!!!! Glad Anne has been a good opposed to others???!!!!!!!
    If my DH can FISH at 6:15am...does that give me permission to SCRAP then???!!!!!!! I shoul be...but decided checking out blogs was more relaxing:):):):)

  2. Anne is a very cool scrappy boss isn't she??

    and we all love Lizzy - and I love to think of you as Mum rather than Mom...

    I have to admit I have to backing off the scrapping world lately, when it becomes a chore it is no longer a good thing.

    Beautiful Lo. xx

  3. Firstly you layout is gorgeous and I am glad that I have met Lizzy through scapping as well, even though I have not met her IRL . she is a real gem, and we seem to have connected and like a LOT of the same things. I can also relate to over committing and doing what everyone else wants sometimes instead of just saying no!
    Love your quote on your layout as well

  4. My head no longer fits through the door...THANKS A LOT....which means I have to stay home & scrap & comment thanks folks....
    PS: So how much do I owe you guys???!!!!!!:):):):)

  5. So well said and you have read my mind and written it down, you go!! Thanks

  6. I love the cleaner layout, and then the knowing Home is a destination of the heart... being comfortable in yourself and life.

  7. I LOVE THIS POST! I can relate 100%!! All I will say here is YES - it was bad form - were you getting paid a salary I would disagree!


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