Friday, December 14, 2012

Miracles Momma Designs Sketch: SEEDS

I posted about my new garden the other day and decided to make a page about it. I found when we moved, all the little things I had done at the old house suddenly became memorable and special.

Although this garden is in the rough stages right now, I'm really enjoying the feeder I can see out the window! Hence the title of "SEEDS" as the garden is really only being started and the birds are crazy fiends when it comes to those sunflower seeds!

Used a really great Heather Landry Sketch. I thought it was a super cool one for showcasing some paper.

In this case, I actually used images from one of my favorite digital shops and printed out my own.

Ignacio at Nicecrane has an ability for finding some really cool vintage images to use!


The colors on these images are subtle, yet have some really bright colors that I wanted to match with my flower spray.

There is a Lizzy Hill bloom on there and also two from Eye Candy Magic. The cute little cake on top of the Washi tape was recycled off a birthday card sent to me from my friend Kristy. Since my birthday is rolling around AGAIN, I figured it was safe to use.

Anyhow, Happy Friday! And feel free to use this sketch! Heather will be famous someday soon and you can say you always knew she was a trend setter! ;-)



  1. Oh my gosh...and right by the window too! That couldn't be a more perfect place. Wonderful new garden and I love the bird feeder. :) Beautiful work with the Nicecrane images on your LO too.
    Oh and it does settle my anxiety that I don't see a Christmas tree in the window thank you for that. :)
    hugs to you my friend.

  2. This is a wonderful sketch - & those images are, as always, gorgeous....& I LOVE your flower cluster...[blush]. That white ink/paint splattered behind is really, really cool, too.....nice work, my friend:):)) Gotta get back to The Room today, myself!!!!!!

  3. This is just gorgeous Mitra, beautiful LO.

  4. Yes it is only when we dont have something that we miss it, like my parents farm, i wish i had more photos from it... so scrapping the everyday will one day become a precious memory.. I love the sketch and the 'patches' of the images looks wonderful as the theme is seeds from the bird feeder.. and I can see one day you will have lots of sunflowers in your garden from the seeds the birds spill onto the ground.. so that will look pretty!! Love the flower cluster too!

  5. Your layout using Heather's sketch is so beautiful!!! I love it!!!!


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