Friday, December 28, 2012

Sewing Pattern Box of Goodies for Shirley

So I live next to the world's best neighbor Shirley. She brought me a fresh brewed cup of coffee and a stack of gifts WEEKS ago.

Sticking out of a nice little bunch of wrapped goodies were these awesome amazing red blooms. I told Shirley that I was in love with them. She said:  ME TOO. You almost didn't get them!

So, decided to make her box and share two of them back!

This box started life as a Harry and David Box and was not that amazing. I don't have a before photo, basically just started modging and podging and didn't look back

The sides and top are layers of an old sewing pattern. I picked one up at a garage ages ago and have made numerous things out of it! It went on nice and wrinkled and then I inked up the wrinkles to give it some depth. 

Also glued on feet. All boxes need feet, no? Added a little glitter on the top of them to look like snow. 

The top was a lot of fun AND I learned something. More on that shortly!

I used the actual pattern part that was on heavier paper with the image for the top. I thought the little kids with coats & skis was fitting for someone who used to teach kids! 

The blooms themselves did not come with the metal pieces on them. Those also came in my package from Shirley and I cut them in half and tweaked them a bit to give the flower depth. Also, added a bit of hot glue & glitter to look like snow in the centers. Also glittered up the smaller roses. 

The cool thing I learned was how to attach a knob when it's made for a cabinet and the screw part is way too long. THE MAN said, if it's too long, thread a nut on and cut right above the nut with your pliers. Then, thread off the nut and it will recreate the threads you ruined while snipping off the part that was too long. 

Then, your knob fits nicely all snugly. 

And one more shot of Shirley's new box. It will be heading over to her shortly and is filled with all kinds of nice things scrappy related!

Merry Belated Christmas, Shirley!


  1. I'm sure your neighbor is going to love this box, Mitra--especially when she sees the red flowers! :) Love what you've done with the box, and enjoyed all the little altering tips and tricks that you mentioned.

  2. Beyond delicious...what you've done with that pattern? OMIGOSH!!! I soooo wish I was your neighbour....& that's soooo sweet to give her back some of those amazing blooms. New FAVE:):):) oh, & the legs ROCK!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous makeover! are so generous with your skills Mitra!
    Alison xx

  4. I am sure you are both lucky neighbors if you both love to scrap! and those flowers are divine.. love them.. and I am sure Shirley will love her box and fill it with lots of goodies!! Happy New Year to you and Shirley too!!

  5. Well LizzyH said it for me. Beyond delicious. Those red flowers are gorgeous on their own but topping that scrummy box!!!

  6. Such a one of a kind AWESOME gift!! Your mod podge jobby looks amazing Mitra. :) That's the coolest sewing pattern box EVER!!

  7. Those red flowers are GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for the tip on attaching knobs. The man is brilliant! I am so sure that she will just love this box to pieces.

  8. OHHHHHHH I am SO lucky, this box is Beautiful. Thanks, Mitra.


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