Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Ice Man

Today I was going to post my latest page for Another Freaky Scrappy but I can't just yet. Still wiping the tears from my eyes and my heart.  

Right around noon yesterday I alternated between crying and being angry when I heard the news about the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. 

THE MAN and I talked to the kids last night. We told them not to be scared, but that this terrible event had happened. They asked a few questions and were sad. We also told them to pay attention to their surroundings. Watch out for people who look odd or that are behaving in a strange manner. And to make sure they tell someone. We also told them if they were ever angry at one of us or both of us, that the lines of communication are always open. 

They seemed to understand.

Today, it's a soft cold sunny day in the North Country and a perfect day to take a photo of a project that came home last night.

It was a great project, they were studying the Ötzi Ice Man. Yes, I know it looks like a Mulan barbie with a beard, but maybe squint a bit? 

I told Lexi it was genus and I'd post her Iceman today to which I got a huge sunny smile.

Love those kids of mine.

Hugs from NY



  1. I think that is EXCEPTIONAL artwork! Comes with a club and everything!! Most excellent work and shows the skill and character of true artist. Virtual high fives to keen kiddo who replicated a piece of history!
    A much needed piece of inspiration to raise the hearts of many.
    hugs from Missouri

  2. Our thoughts are with those concerned in this tragic event an maybe just maybe a bit of creativity will help heal a heavy heart. xxx

  3. Oh yes the events of yesterday are indeed so very tragic, and the name of the killer should not get any publicity, instead talk about the heros of the day.. the teachers who put themselves in the line of fire and saved their students.. Let us remember their names.. I could not do much yesterday either and I am in australia.. Your ice man looks great..Well done on the creativity of it..

  4. Gotta LOOOOOVE the ice man....hope he doesn't bring too much ICE with him!!!! Yes, very sobering - awful thing to happen....the US seems to be a place where these things happen not infrequently, which is NOT a good thing at all. Poor parents. Be absolutely devastating.....

  5. cute iceman brought a smile to my face much needed what with all that is going on in the world!
    Dude I owe you an many things have happened and I have gone MIA thinking of you and your family!....


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