Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recycled Jar & Christmas Hutch Display

A while ago, a friend of mine mentioned she was jealous of my scrabble letter find at the Second Hand store. I have had my eye balls pealed since for another such find. This time, it came with the game board! I did save the game board and the box, because they seem like they might make a nice altered item.
The wood tiles I placed into a little sauce jar all cleaned up with a green spray painted top & brown metal embossed center. Of course, I had to add some vintage buttons I found at the same time. 

She also got ONE of my LAST Irini Button Flowers (also known as Get Creative Embellishments). Irini has a coolio Etsy store that I might direct your attention to in case you want to buy your own. I myself have restocked so I will be all set for a bit. ;-)

And, in case you are dying of curiosity as to where I took these dark flash ridden photos, on top of my hutch of course! Since packages this time of year take a bit longer, I decided I had to get it all packed up and ready and not wait for daylight. 

Here it is on a nice sunny day!

I change it up every couple of months. Finally put the last item up there yesterday. Yup, it takes me a while. 

I made the sparkly glitter tree out of styrofoam I also had found at the second hard store. I'm not sure it's done as of yet, but since craft stores are not close by, I decided to get it up there, off my scrappin' table and at least semi-on display while I think about it. Plus, I used like a huge amount of glitter and every time I move it, things get covered in sparkles, not like that is a bad thing if you are me.  

Happy Sparkle-day, I mean Thursday!


  1. See? Hate to say it again, but that's what I mean about thinking laterally..I would NEVER have thought of looking for the game & then knocking the letters....the board would make a GREAT canvas!!!! Have to keep my eye out. Love the jar, too...real vintage-y:):):)...ADORE your Chrissy display...those rolled up paper star/garland-y thingy is super cool, too:):):)

  2. Oh your hutch looks wonderfully festive, and I dont think your tree is finished, it will have a make over for next years Christmas I am guessing!! Fabulous looking jar too, and you are such a clever girl with your creativity! Have a great weekend!

  3. Another. Quick catchup Mitra.....the tins are FAB and I LOVE the paper garland above your hutch!
    Alison xx


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