Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aliagra House Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

What fun! The latest challenge has gone live over at Another Freaking Scrappy and it's super cool!

Scrap a generation layout. Perhaps you have a photo of you and a parent, or a 3 generation photo of
you, a parent and grandparent. Do you have a momento given to you that belonged to an ancestor that
you could incorporate in the layout either by placing the object itself or a photo of it in the layout??
Journal, if you wish, something appropriate for your layout. Thank you to Sandra Scott, who plays along with our challenges regularly, who suggested the theme of this challenge. 

Now, my page fits into this challenge in two ways.

First, this page contains a photo of my father and I waiting to enter the Aliagra House in Lima, Peru.

Secondly, this house has been lived in by 18 generations of the SAME family.  Here is what the NYTimes has to say:

The Aliaga House is as old as Lima itself. When conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded the capital city on Jan. 18, 1535, he gave the plot adjacent to that of the Government Palace to his trusted ally Jerónimo de Aliaga, so they could be neighbors. Eighteen generations of the Aliaga family have resided in the same mansion ever since — it's been renovated continuously, but it's the oldest house in the Americas.

Our fabulous girl guide (more about her tomorrow) said that this dude was the scribe to Pizarro and seemed to indicate that Pizarro had difficulty with reading & writing, making him seriously powerful. His house was holy cats amazing. 

Tomorrow, I will tell you a really funny story about our visit to this house and my Dad. I will be linking up to Story Telling Sunday with Sian, so you'll have to check back. Let's just say we are lucky we did not get kicked out of the oldest house in Lima.

A close up of my blooms. The little dolls were bought from a small person in the square in Lima, so I had to include them. A lovely gold flower sent to me from Helen and some Lizzy Hill blooms in there too! Vintage lace collar for the background, love how that stands out against the black. 

My letters were a lot of fun. They started off as plain canvas and I messed around with some perfect pearls. Do not ask my why I thought polka dots. Just seemed like the thing to do. ;-)

Check out this challenge, play along if you will and come back tomorrow with some coffee for a good story and a laugh.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Wow. What an amazing sense of history belonging to that house. I cannot even imagine 18 generations, let alone them all having lived in the same house throughout time. Absolutely amazing Mitra.

  2. I can't imagine a house being that old...fascinating ...looks how you incorporate lotsa snaps on the one page...that's a real art:):):)


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