Friday, December 21, 2012

Red Neck UTE

So the other day I got the brilliant idea to try melting some Ultra Thick Embossing Power or UTE on my stove in a tiny little pot I had. Unfortunately, I could not get the heat low enough and burned the batch resulting in the house stinking to high heaven.

Talked to THE MAN (who of course wanted to know why the house smelled like burnt plastic) about my reluctance of spending $30 on a Tim Holtz UTE burner. 

He said, I get that. You probably will only ever use it once a year. 

He said, lets set up the camping stove in the garage where we can get ventilation easy enough by opening the doors and try that. 

Our camping stove isn't all that pretty. But you can see how nicely it melted up. I just put it on the edges of my Christmas cards.

Let me show you what a nice Coleman Camping stove looks like. Substitute perfect pancakes and bacon for UTE in a small metal tray. Use the absolute lowest setting ever. Voila, cheap solution.

Anyhow, they turned out nice! None left to show you since I mailed them out asap since I am a wee bit late with cards this year. 

I have plans to melt more and turn domino pieces into gold ATC perhaps or something else exciting along those lines. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Great idea. Bless The Man...course, I guess it is to his advantage if he doesn't want a stinky house!!!! I have clear utee. Used it frustrated....not used it since!!!!!

  2. I like the MAN's thinking-why spend 30$ when you can get the Missus out in the cold AND save money!!! Lol How strange I've been messing about with embossing powder today too but not brave enough to buy UTEE!!!

  3. Well I have learnt something today, I had never heard of the stuff.. I did however prick my ears up when I read the title of your post, a UTE in Australia is a vehicle with a cab at the front and a tray at the back to carry stuff and it is very much a part of rural australia!! and it features in our very aussie Christmas version of Jingle bells... haha! Merry Christmas!!

  4. You are so funny! Great solution to the UTEE problem!

    Hope you and your family have a safe Christmas and a happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2013.


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