Sunday, March 27, 2016

Drinking and Arting: Altered Glass Egg & Bunny

Happiest of Easters from New York all the way to your neck of the woods. We are shovel deep in another project here at Pratt Inc. but I thought I'd hop over here and show you my altered glass egg. Perhaps if you are nibbling the ear off your chocolate rabbit you can take a bit of a break to do some spray painting...

My glass egg got it's photo taken with my adult beverage before I started hot gluing. It's suspicious to me that the colors I used are very similar to my Hard Soda.....inspiration is a funny thing...

In fact, I even used the little bottle cap in a bed of moss for my vintage bunny. Good thing I had it handy. Can you spot the metal facet handle that is under the cap? It was a gross green, but I hit it with a little gold spray paint. 

I added a lot of flowers that I purchased at the Restore. In fact, the rabbit, glass egg, and brass candle stick all came from there. I used a bit of epoxy to glue them together. That came from the hardware store! 

Here is a bit of a before picture before the spray paint. Blogged about my score here

One last photo of my glass egg. Really loving the colors of the base. I added a smidgen of blue alcohol ink after the spray paint was dry to match my flowers!

Now I want you to know that my bunny is the twin to another bunny who was part of a project blogged about today way over in Arizona. Miss Lisa created the coolest little choche over at Life of a BZ Scrapper. I snagged a photo of her creation, but really you need to pop over and check it out! Her deer has rainbow sparkles!!!! AND BEADS!! Omg....Check it out!!!

Fun times! I'm back tomorrow with a post for Memorandum Monday. Lots going on here at Pratt Inc!
I'm looking forward to telling you all about it! 


  1. Only you can transform a glass into egg!!! I liked the metallic color and the cute bunny sitting on the bunch of flowers :)

  2. This is amazing! I am IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. omg... this turned out so beautiful.... I'm finished too! Mine is up... thank you so much for everything!! I don't think I'd ever have finished this in so many ways if it wasn't for you. I see other things I need to look at here too but off to Easter dinner.... I will visit tomorrow morning... thank you!!

  4. My goodness I never know what I am going to see when I come by here! Love what you have done to the glass egg.. Fabulous transformation! Love the other one too!

  5. What a transformation! LOVE how your project turned out. And Lisa's looks amazing too!

  6. Wow..Loving that metallic look ! The cute bunny looks very happy in the lovely garden !

  7. I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!!!! I'm also a fan of the hard soda, but that's not really what the post is about but still, worth noting.
    You guys are a duo of fabulous creativity and I absolutely LOOOOVED reading and seeing it all. The two different worlds for those precious little bunnies...AWESOME!!!


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