Saturday, March 19, 2016

Marie Kondo Skipped a Chapter: Jeff Goins 7 Day Blog Like A Pro Challenge

Lately I've been reading the Marie Kondo book called the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It's all over the interwebs so I am guessing you've at least heard of it. If not, take a gander over at Amazon. It's one of those small books that has now sold trillions of copies and a shit ton of blog posts have been written dedicated to the methods she describes with various free printables and top ten lists. At this point, it might have morphed into the realm of being gimmicky but purely because well, free printables? Seriously, enough already.

I started reading it as I was interested in her concept of actual items sparking joy. As for tidying, I must have channelled my inner Kondo years past as I am pretty good about dropping unused Pratt goods to the ReStore. A friend once wandered through our basement and asked where all my stuff was. I'm not a die hard tidying freak, but I do like my things where I can find them. Less things are much better in my book. Add in pretty containers I've made, and I'm all over it like white on snow.

I really love the idea of things sparking joy. In fact, my goal when I create is that it will make me happy to look at the new item or better yet, make someone's heart happy when they receive it. 

I do believe though that Marie skipped a chapter. She forgot to talk about us. Those creatives who need stuff to create other stuff. We can be hoarders. We save that special paper for well, special. We have a closet or two full of little boxes, cans, jars, and odds & ends that really do not spark joy. They are waiting for their rebirth at our capable hands. Scrapbook kit clubs keep delivering their monthly loveliness, however we don't even take them out of their bag because we still have six months worth to use up. Seems like we might just be buying to buy? Retail therapy one scrap kit at a time.

The industry appears to feed our inner glutton. Why shouldn't it? Every six months they have another CHA Show and we are fed tantalizing little sneak peeks into what we will want to buy next. How many more sets of stamps must we buy that never experience what it's like to be inked up. What about that quilling tool you just had to have, yet have never used to twirl a flower or paper into a pretty design even just once. I mean you used it last week to poke something but....don't think that counts.

If we can ignore CHA , we then have those Michaels flyers landing in our inbox or mailbox showing us their version of what is hot in the crafting worlds. One trip in for simple glue may result in serious loss of willpower and next thing you know you are wheeling out one of those huge suitcases on wheels where you can store your goodies so it's portable for those weekend Crop Til You Drops where they sell still more stuff. Just blow off the dust first before you go so you still look like a serious crafter.

Don't get me wrong. Please don't take away my craft store or CHA Show full of new ideas and designs. Let's just be real here. If you are accumulating more than you are using, you might have a problem. If your stash is taking over your craft room? It might be time to do some serious Marie Kondo (skip the printables please) on the excess paper. Too many craft magazines? Turn to page 89 and follow her directions.

I think we need to focus on purchases that are wise & clearly that spark joy. That way we can focus on what's important:

Making new happy things that reflect your passion for creating. 

 This was written for Jeff Goins/Day Three/Pick A Fight Blog Like a Pro Challenge. If you are interested to see what we're up to, take a peek at his post. I'm pretty behind, you were supposed to do these daily, but I refuse to be bullied by the interwebs. Or craftstores...or big time bloggers. ;-)


  1. I read that book several months ago and loved the concept of sparking joy. Based on just that little idea I managed to get rid of about half of our possessions and leave SA with less than we arrived with. Yes on the scrapping front it offered no help and it's hard parting with stuff that could one day be useful BUT this twice yearly fashion story can get problematic unless kept very much under control as it's a money making industry like every other

  2. I never heard about the book, but definitely will make a point to read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Definite food for thought! But..... I do have plans for shopping during the coffee! On the other hand... I'm slowly pulling things out for selling on Ebay so... they "kind of" even out... right? After the hop! I'm cleaning... well after the hop after I use my tiny bunny... well.. after the hop, after I use my tiny bunny, and then make my tower of glass and metal plates... ok... definitely after the hop, my tiny bunny... the tower deal and maybe a trip to the LSS... THEN... I will clean my room!

  4. Oh I must be living under a rock as I have not heard of that book... it does sound interesting, but then it would mean another purchase wouldnt it? or is it on cyber book? anyways I have been very good at self control of late and have not been buying too much.. my stash is of a substantial nature at the moment and so I try and look the other way when those advertisements of new stuff come along.. I do love to see what is coming out and I find the best way is to just not go through the doorway of the craft shop.. I love the way you write, very entertaining and I leave your blog with a smile on my face!!

  5. Yup! Heard of the book - looked in my 'robe after & got rid of a truckload of tricky clothes [they fit, but are uncomfortable...they DID fit and may do again.....they looked nice but I haven't worn it for 5 years]..... & I am TRYING not to buy stuff. But when peeps tell me Studio Calico is having a megasale AND only charging $10 international! I was THIS close to giving in....but luckily I had to go out for dinner & then I realised HOW CLOSE I'd come to getting more stuff I really didn't need! Phew;) Good fight. Shame I agree with you...... oh! And VERY pretty jars:):)

  6. Those jars look pretty on snow ! Tidying up..yes I have been doing it lately ! I have hoarded mostly invites n boxes..using up all invites n trashed few which had no scope to be reused and flattened the boxes ,easy to store that way ! I am very tight fisted when it comes to buying crafty stuff ;)

  7. I think the cleverest thing about the book is that someone thought to write it and make a living from what we all know deep down inside. I think everyone who makes stuff gets a pass. I make stuff, so I need more stuff to turn into the stuff I'm going to make..

    The Baileys icecream? They do Guinness flavour too. Just sayin'


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