Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mrs. W's 8th Grade Art Class

To say Mrs. W is special is quite an understatement. Last year in school was a hard for Lexi. We thought the move would be more difficult on the youngest, but as usual, what you think will happen and what actually happens are two completely different things.

Anyhow, Lexi's sanctuary was Mrs. W's Art class. Mrs. W was completely supportive of Lexi's interest in digital art and in fact helped get her into volunteering at CMOG. It's with great pleasure I bring you some of Mrs. W's student's work and her own!

Her piece above is pretty awesome. I have looked at it a couple times and the more I look, the more I see. I am guessing that is her little one peeking in from the corner at us. Love that this is on a slice of wood!

So I recently hung out with Mrs. W at her house (love those dogs) and told her I'd write a blog post if she wanted. I always like talking about someone else once in a while! Here is what the assignment was, using Mrs. W's words. (oh my, I like how that sounds...)

We created a digital image in photoshop focusing on how an image can convey a message focusing on songs and how the music can be displayed with images.  We printed the pictures on a laser jet printer (this process does not work with ink jet printers unfortunately). We then applied a thick layer of acrylic polymer to the wood and put the printed picture on top face down.  When it was dry, we sprayed the paper with water and gently rubbed off the paper backing.  The ink absorbs into the wood and the image is left.  We then added various materials to finish off these mixed media pieces.  I was very pleased with my students work :-)  Please do not feel obligated at all to use any of this, just passing it on in case this process works for you.  I have done it on balsa wood which is light and thin.  You could totally use that in your scrap book stuff.  

This one might be my favorite. I am guessing it's a Beatles Song...Blackbird? Those little things sprinkled around are shell casings so it has to be some kind of powerful song.

Ok, so maybe THIS one is my favorite. No idea on the song, I just love the castle and the splotches near the top. Oh and that washi...

I'll have to ask Lexi if she has any ideas for me....she has a pretty good handle on popular songs...although a quick shout out to the dude (dudette?) that clearly created a piece about Guns N' Roses. I know this because they used WORDS and ROSES and OMG what a good band....thanks for the quick flash back to being a teenager and a G N' R song at a dance....oh the angst!

Happy Thursday Peeps! We are heading full speed to the weekend! Maybe I'll get a chance to give this a try!


  1. Art has no rules or boundaries.. Fabulous creations!

  2. Really liking what has come out of the art class and use of any kind of materials...exciting. Liking it as right now I'm doing printmaking which is wonderful new creative fun! And gloriously messy.

  3. It's always inspiring to find a blog post that is a little bit different. Great stuff!

  4. Yay to inspiring and caring teachers. That ain't easy in the World of Teens!!! Good on her getting her students inspired.... I like the wood bit best, reminds me of the image transfer method, which I've had a go at!!!


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