Monday, March 28, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Project Scrapenberg Update Goin' Digital

Oh goodness gracious. We ate the ears off the chocolate bunny, had hot boneless chicken wings and brownies for Easter supper and now we're recovering from some DIY. We started a new project here at Pratt Inc. but it's still in the yucky gross phase, so I'll skip telling you about that until it's sexier.

I will tell you all about my photo session with my first scrapbook ever. Yes lovely little baby photos of Lexi...that were falling off the page. Turns out glue sticks aren't all that permanent. I learned from taking each page out for a photograph that springing for the good glue is worth it. It was not fun glueing photos back on the page!

Regardless, the whole book from 2000-2002 has been saved digitally and I used the contraption that THE MAN built to streamline the photo taking. There was still quite a bit of cropping, but honestly that is somewhat mindless...

Turns out that using it on it's side when it's sunny means that I can get good photos without much glare. I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane too!

I also figured out a really good use for those cardboard spools that I blogged about last week...oh my. So much fun that I even gave myself a hot glue burn! I'll show you what I came up with tomorrow. I was hoping that my project would fit inside those choches, but I haven't quite figured that out as of yet.

Anyhow, happiest of Mondays! Waving over to Sian with a band-aide on my thumb...silly hot glue! She hosts us for Memorandum Monday and blogs about her adventures with sock knitting, Mom-ing, and scrapping!


  1. So much great stuff on here! I think I started out with creative memories tape runner so those better stick! My pages from 2000 definitely don't look like that! They are beautiful! and those spools are quite awesome! As are your cloches and I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Just as I was persuading myself to use my hot glue more! Hope you aren't too sore. It certainly sounds like you made the most of some Easter sunshine: what a great job. I think I'll have to go back to my baby book from 1995..just know as soon as I open it there'll be photos flapping and slipping to the floor..

    Have a great week Mitra

  3. Oh yes I have been down memory lane via way old scrapbook pages and it is not fun to see them falling apart... good idea to digitally file them.. and I am wondering what magnificent creating you will do with those treasures in the last photo.... hummmm...

  4. LOL...I'm so excited that you're preserving digitally. That's fantastic. I love looking at the old books I've made and I'm so happy that I've grown in that area. My books look like a 4 year old stamped them...LOL...they're hideous and barely show the kids. Cloches look amazing on plates by the way....


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