Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recycled Cardboard Fairy Spool Shrooms

I love Pinterest! I must admit I saw three or four pins on Pinterest recently for schrooms and was inspired to create these. How I saw just the right pin when I had a pile of cardboard spools to use up is beyond me. I will also admit I got so into making these that I accidentally forgot a dentist appointment!

The ones I saw on-line did not have a little fairy...but I knew mine needed one! Found the coolest fairy and printed her out on photo paper. A little fussy cutting & hot glue...she was sitting pretty on my schroom! The stems are washi tape and some twine. 

The bottom of the spool fit perfectly in this glass vintage candy dish. I snagged the dish at the Restore because it had a plated silver base that I thought looked cool. I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for at the time. 

I had so much fun I made two more! I plan on donating them to a sale that the ReStore is having this weekend.

Happy Tuesday or should I say Shroom Day!


  1. Oh my .... drooling over these... so beautiful!! Can't talk now... have to go back and look...

  2. The little garden with cute fairies ..Loved them..very cool use of spools ,never would have guessed it !

  3. lol! I take it they aren't in touch with the tooth fairy, then? (Sorry: somebody had to say it..)

  4. OMG...the cups they are in are FABULOUS!!! So way cooler than a cloche, these look AMAZING and it was worth missing the nasty dentist! These are so much better when I can zoom in big time!!! LOOVE what you did. They're better than the Pinterest ones.


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