Saturday, March 19, 2016

Metal Bunnies & Bunny Poo for THE CUTTING CAFE

When I was little, I had bunnies. I think if you recall, I blogged about them a bit ago at Christmas time...I tell you this so you know that I know what color poo domestic bunnies have. It's black. BUT, little wild bunnies have brown poo. Stink with me here...

I was about four and wandering around under these big pine trees that were in my Grandma Skip's front yard when I found these magical brown ovals and asked my Aunt Caryl what they were. I was disgusted when she started laughing and told me to ask Grandma Skip. Grandma Skip was a bit uptight on the whole dirt thing so she was like ugh THROW THEM AWAY RIGHT NOW THEY ARE BUNNIE TURDS. They did not look the same as my bunny's poo so I didn't know.

So, I opted to fill my treat cups here with chocolate covered raisins in honor of Grandma Skip.

Of course if you don't want your recipient to think of poo when you send them this little treat card, you can always run with the concept that the rabbit is facing forward....This cutting file is from THE CUTTING CAFE and is one of three in the Easter Treat Cup series. It comes with a cute little bunny face as well as a bunny tail and some eggs & grass.

I wanted to try some of the copper I got in sheet form recently so I hand cut the bunny from the copper, added patina, and then sanded. It's pretty here with all the glitter. 

I had fun fussy cutting a vintage image, popping out the leaves, flowers, and pussy willows. Then I used three sets of grass and a variety of eggs to set the stage for the bunny. How do you like that metal rabbit? Came from the season of course and I've been hoarding him since for Easter. 

Hop on over to check out those cutting files! Lots of time left to get some cool cards made!


  1. Oh Mitra this is gorgeous! Very very awesome!

  2. I love love love it and funny we had a white bunny you got me trying to remember what color the poop was hahahahahaha

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  4. Wow, love everything going on with this card Mitra. You're such a talented lady!


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