Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Upcycled Belle Jardin ReStore Vase

Lately I've been striking out at the Corning ReStore. I think it's one of those weird times in between all the clearing out people do in January and before garage I haven't found any of the normal things I'm looking for. I decided to dig a little deeper and bring home something they have quite a lot of for a make over. I opted to go with a glass vase. Specifically I was looking for something that was colored glass & already filled with flowers that I actually liked. Must optimize the $3 I spent!

You can see the light blue the vase was previously. I treated it to some Mirror Spray paint and metallic gold after first spraying it with vinegar, which is what is in that perfect pearls bottle. I never bothered to rinse it due to lazyness so a little orange shimmer remains. ;-)

I was going for a gold mercury glass look that I paired up with a vintage French image. I just printed it out on my printer and modge podged it on. Since I wasn't using a laser printed image, it ran a little, but it works with that vintage look, I think. I also sprayed a little bit of the gold on the outside near the top and over the print out. I always like a gold rim.

I'm pleased with the vase. I think I'll enjoy it for a while and then pass it back to the Restore for sale. Betcha they mark it up! I'm waiting for the lilacs to bloom so I can enjoy both of them together and you can see by the state of our outdoors we have a few weeks to go! I think this vase would look awesome with a few pieces of my white lilac!

Happy Hump Day and here's to more finds at the ReStore and blooming lilacs!


  1. Hard t believe its Glass ! Awesome transformation to a vintage vase.

  2. Oh wow! THAT is gorgeous....Soon! I'm going to get those spray paint cans out... soon! I'm feeling my head above water.... I'm almost there...

  3. amazing transformation! Such a pretty vase :)

  4. Blooming lovely. Gorgeous Frenchish statement. So you have me in one!!! LOOOOVE the 'mercury' look.....sooo much better than the original! I am seriously IMPRESSED by this one. And with lilac in it. You do like to tease me. don't you. Can't grow lilac here, sadly.... :(

  5. You have altered this vase beautifully.. You should have your own etsy store and sell it yourself.. so you can buy more things to upcycle!!

  6. DADGUM...that's perty!!! The image you printed is so perfect and you know they'll charge a mint for it. Very beautiful.


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