Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Bonnet Goose Egg

Someone round these parts cuts goose eggs in half, adds a shit ton of fancy smancy and then lines the whole thing with velvet. I do not think I have the capacity for such shenanigans. I can however respect the amount of time and bling these eggs take. So, when I spot one at the ReStore, it's mine. It's purely out of respect of course and also because hello shiny bling trinket box with gold feet come to me now.

Lucky for me I found a second one about six months back and I've been sitting on it waiting for Easter. The first one (purple pink on the right) I made ages and ages ago. It was in much worse shape than the latest one I found. The white one had someone's dog on the top that I needed to cover up. Turns out a little bit of gesso carefully added with a paint brush fixed that up quick.

I added a little bit of ink & some shimmer paint to get a water color look and then pulled out the glue gun. Yes, I found a wee mannequin for my pretty little hand knitted Easter bonnet. The bonnet had been in my stash since I went through doll house stuff I had when I was a kid.

My Mom made it when I was a teen and we used tiny blue glass beads and pink seed beads for flowers. The little doll's head was from the Restore and was in the same lot as the Bitchy Baby Fairy head.

Totally digging those pearls & the gold and pink ribbon. I am not sure my hand would have been steady enough to get those glued in that straight so I really must thank the artist before me for giving me something top notch to work from!

Happiest of Thursdays!

Linking this up to Choux Choux Paper Art's Easter challenge!


  1. Wow, Mitra! Your eggs are beautiful. So cool that you've had that little hat since you were little. So glad you linked your fabulous eggs to my Easter/Spring Challenge!

  2. Warms the cockles of my heart to see what you can come up with for these. Awesome. X

  3. Incredible! Your altered eggs look amazing, much more snazzy!

  4. Absolutely stunning Mitra!!! Enough said...

  5. wow! Such beautiful altered eggs! So elegant and fancy! Happy PPF :)

  6. Oh wow. These are some good-looking eggs my friend!
    I think I might just have to move to the US. You have amazing finds!

  7. Well, I was gonna use the word wow, but it seems it's been no wonder! These are so awesome (how's that one)... so... those are real eggs???

  8. Dude! Those are ridiculously AMAZING!!! I'm not understanding the dog image, but bitchy baby fairy head mannequin...I totally get! You done good, girl!!!


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