Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Spring Upcycled Container for THE CUTTING CAFE SHOP

I really dig (get the pun here) Regina's Wheelbarrow Delivery stamps that are fresh from my mailbox. She has four new sets over at THE CUTTING CAFE SHOP and two of them come with free outlines for your cutting machine. What a time saver!

I actually precut a bunch of outlines and I'll be keeping them with the stamps so I can keep the fussy cutting at a minimum. I really like the font for "Happy Spring" and I thought it worked perfectly for this upcycled round fabric jar.

 The flowers at the top were also upcycled from THE RESTORE and came with those fabulous green leaves. Of course I had to add a gem knob that I misted with some gold spray paint. My son keeps a cordless screwdriver & drill bits in his room, so it was easy to go on a raid to add the feet knobs as well.

I snuck in a small piece of a gem necklace I had in my stash as extra bling so all kinds of upcycled things on here including all kinds of vintage lace!

I'll be back tomorrow showing off a few of the smaller stamps on the Wheelbarrow Delivery set. I kept stamping and made Easter Cards!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I truly am in awe of your work. ..I know I say that all the time...but I am...this is beautiful

  2. How cute and so pretty too! Love the lace, the flower cluster on the top and sweet wheel barrow too. You are so inspirational in what you create!

  3. This!! I'm blown away by this... awesomely beautifully candy for the eyes... fantastic!

  4. Love the flowers on top with your golden knob.....& of course, the feet. You always have fab feet;)! And I'm wondering if Luke KNEW you'd been into his tools....hmmmnnnn....not that I'm telling!!! Another amazing up cycle. Clever, clever clogs you are:):)


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