Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Upcycled Vintage Hankie Spindle Angel Tutorial: Jeff Goins 7 Day Blog Like A Pro Challenge

The first step of any project is to assemble your ingredients. In the case of these spindles, I had been hoarding them for ages in my closet, so it was more a matter of seeing their potential. You could really use just a simple 1/4 dowel or even a smooth stick to make these angels. It's just a matter of finding something to use as a body. You also need to be on the hunt for vintage hankies. Find a couple that layer well together. Add in a cool knob and you are ready to rock and roll.


  • Spindle
  • Wings (mine are cut using a Sillhouette and a printable download)
  • Fancy Knob
  • Smaller Knob
  • Spray Paint
  • Flowers
  • Vintage Doily or two
  • Epoxy
  • Hot Glue
  • Dikes
  • Gold Pipecleaners
  • Vintage item or stamped image for Angel to hold
  • Ribbon or dyed seam binding 
  • Jump rings for hands or fancy bead

Step One:

I painted my spindles with a bit of Rust-oleum Hammered Ivory and  added some gold splatters. They were originally green and battered, so it kept the patina but added some shimmer.

  1. I then drilled holes in the top of the spindle and also in the bottom. I used a drill bit that was slightly larger than the screw. 
  2. My last step was to Epoxy in the top knob and the bottom. As you can see from the photo, my white knobs on the bottom were not painted until after. You could do it that way or paint it ahead of time. Or leave them as-is. 

Step Two:  

  1. Iron vintage doilies together. Use the best triangle of the hankies that work the best together. For instance, I wanted to keep the corner wtih this lovely embroidered flower. Spray adhesive will work to hold them together or starch, if needed. 
  2. Then carefully cut the doilies diagonally. Iron the top piece over carefully. The left over pieces might be useful too so keep them handy. 
  3. Twist on the pipecleaners for arms. Tack the back of the pipecleaner on the spindle if it's not staying. 
  4. Sew the doilies together using a very loose stitch so you can pull one end of the thread carefully to bunch together the fabric.This will make the part by the face look finished. 

Step Three:

  1. Hot glue the cinched up hankie to the front of the angel by the knob.  
  2. Flip over and hot glue the ends of the triangle down so the arms are sticking out. 
  3. In the front of the angel, twist the pipecleaner together so you can see the arms. 

Step Four:

  1. Glue Wings on the back of angel. I positioned mine nearer to the shoulders. Spread out a little. Don't worry about being too messy with the hot glue, you will finish off the back with a hanger. 
  2. Add vintage seam binding or ribbon in a bow near Angel's face.
  3. Add flowers & item for angel to hold.

Step Five:

  1. Twist smaller piece of pipecleaner as a hanger and hot glue under a oval decorative piece of paper
  2. Fluff & tweak, and hang!
  3. If giving as a gift, sign that ovel and date with year. That way it's a keepsake. 

Add vintage jewelry and charms for extra bling. This one got a lovely sparkly red & turquiose piece and a bird!

Thanks for reading my tutorial. I'm participating in day four of Blog Like a Pro Challenge run by Jeff Goins. Today is be generous. I'm giving away my vintage hankie tutorial. Would you be so kind to share it with anyone you know that might be into vintage, lace, upcycling and angels? Thanks so much! 


  1. LOVE--LOVE--LOVE They will look neat with your other creations.

  2. A BIG Thank you for this Tutorial !! Loved the clear step by step instructions an photos,I was eager to know how you glue /attach different hardware pieces together seems a bit of hardwork involved ,but worthy ! Both the Angels are looking fab !

  3. Hmm... maybe you should have an Etsy shop... how beautiful these are... and that is generous to give the tutorial away... now I just have to find some spindles.... and borrow a piece of your brain... then I think I'll be all set...

  4. I'm seriously speechless....
    That was so much fun!!!


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