Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4.2 Miles Layout Just Because

Have you ever gone for a bike ride and felt the lovely spring air hit your face and feel as if things are just perfect everywhere!

I had such a nice ride with my son the other night.

We went 4.2 miles, hence the title.

I love the new pen I found. It's called a glaze pen and is make by Sakura. See what a pretty shiny look it gives my text?

I made a pretty little Tim Holtz key up for this page. I was going to make my own inserts, but this one was pretty cool already.

Here is a cross view of my page. I LOVE the sun glare because well, it's SUNNY here finally!

Grass is getting green, the birds are chirping, things are growing and we are biking! If you look at the side of my page, you see I used a little funny scrap that says blah blah blah, which is exactly what you hear when the boy in front of you is trying to hold a conversation!

May your Tuesday be bright and sunny with the wind blowing in your face!


  1. That almost sounded like an Irish blessing at the end of your post!!! What a LOVELY thing to do & that pen looks DELISH...great way to use a key...i've a few & find them a tad hard...& you & your geometrics are a match made in heaven. Which sounds about what your season IS atm!! Enjoy it...guess you appreciate it more when it's been sooo cold & snowy for so long:):):)

  2. Wow, with a wonderful day like that in the photo, I am sure the bike ride was so relaxing and great to feel the wind in your hair.. personally I would rather be riding a horse and feeling the wind in my hair.. let them do all the hard work like walking!! Love the patch work feel to the back ground..and keys always look good on a layout I reckon!!

  3. This is gorgeous!! LOVING all the different patterns you used on here :)

  4. AMAZING layout! Wow! This is incredible!!!

  5. Maybe a two seater bike and you'll be able to converse better. Knowing your family, you could construct a four seater bike. The Pratt Pedaler (catchy, yes?) Terrific LO Mitra. The shiny pen adds even more fun to your journaling!

  6. Awesome happy page! Glad the Spring weather has finally arrived your end!!


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