Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Day Ever Layout for ScrapFriends

Just a short little post to show you a recent page I made with photos from Lexi's BIG HUGE SLEEPOVER. She blogged about it just a bit ago.

At the urging of my Aunt Coco, I sent Lexi with a camera. It's not that she doesn't like taking photos I just imagined she'd be thinking of other things like cake and hanging out and all that...

Did get a bunch of really fun photos from the BIG SLEEPOVER/MEGAN/PAIGE birthday extravaganza.

Of course, they were all a bit blurry and a lot involved slices of cake. Made me hungry!

Hold on, I will share the cake photo that I cut out at the bottom. Gummy Worms, yum!

I wonder if you have those silly things or if only Americans eat candy worms. Those are the questions that keep me up at night you know.

I did have a fabulous sketch to play along with from ScrapFriends. Flipped that bad boy on it's side so my mustache paper would make more sense. Lexi has been in love with that paper since it arrived in a kit so it was for sure going on a page for her.

Loved making that huge cutout of all the girls from the bowling alley. The background there is terrible, so it was great to cut it out and just make the girls pop against some pretty paper.

A little inking, spattering, and voila! Super simple page. I think there are a couple of more cool photos she took so perhaps I will do up another at some point. Plus, she needs to come back and tell us what she did at her party besides bowl and eat lots of cake!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. She does indeed need to 'report' on the CLEVER CHICKY turning the sketch on the brilliantly...I'd never have thought of that....LOVE how you've cut out the girls, too....but tell me, one's name is not Heckenzie??? Is that a common USA name??? I know a Mackenzie over here [as in girl's 1st name] but never heard the Heck one....THATs the stuff that keeps me awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course, getting back on track THANKS for joining us at SF as always:):):):)

  2. I for one can't stand the gummy worms, but the kids LOVE them!! The mustache paper is a must for this page and I think the girls look like they're having a BLAST. Awesome LO Mitra. :)
    Here's a link for you and the kids...26 pound gummy python. Would be hilarious to put the cake inside it! ;)

  3. Oh this is cute.. I love the mustache paper and fun photo too.. and we have some sort of worm lolly and I think they are sour tasting the kind that make you suck your cheeks in... not that I eat them... I hope you can sleep at night now!!

  4. Gummy worms!!! That's a new one, Mitra :) Love the mustache pp on an all girls LO! Super-cool page!

  5. Looks like awesome fun - both the page & the event! We have sour worms here too - love them!!

  6. Love the cut outs and the sketch really lends itself to this LO. We have candy worms here too. Ughhh. Not my fav I must admit.


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