Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lego Robotics Page for Miracles Momma Designs

I am a bit conflicted over this page. I used my Silly Machine to cut the letters on the bottom and then didn't place them centered...which is a direct result of using spray adhesive vs stickers you can move...and did not get many photos at all due to fast moving excited boy and my inabilities to know what the heck I was even looking at...

HOWEVER, it is done and slightly off kilter funky-ish, so I am running with it. ;-)

Now the sketch on the other hand, rock star quality! Thanks for another good one, Heather over at Miracles Momma Designs!

A small peek at my journaling. I could have written a whole lot. Like Julie and Luke were on deck the whole time controlling the robot controller, and that he was the one the lady in charge said was "carrying the team" and that he got to program for the first time and how cool that was....but....... 

I hate to sound braggy....

In this particular case, Luke will shine as my technical smart boy is always trying to figure out how to make something work. I am SO looking forward to next year. 

Here is a shot of my crooked silly letters and also the robot controller fussy cut on the side. I noticed as I cut it out that Lucas and Julia are on the digital read out. So cool. I have also been hoarding those Lego brads for AGES and finally got to use them up. LOVE THEM TOO!

Just a quick little side view on my page! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Like me, ya gotta learn to let it go!! To be honest, if you'd said nothing I wouldn't have even noticed the uneven-ness!!! And what a wonderful day to scrap...I've gotta join Heather's blog...she has the most fantaticust sketches...LOVING those leggo brads...what the!!!! I didn't know they existed. YOu should put this in Use it Tuesday's challenge, as it is to use stuff that you've been hoarding cos you love it!!!! have a good one:):)

  2. Cool Layout. The colors are a lot of fun. I love the way you did the journaling.

  3. Looks very cool to me - your letters look fine - would never have noticed!! Great take on the sketch!!!

  4. Yeah, I don't think the title is crooked either lady!!! LOL The Lego brads you used are amazing. Thanks bunches for using my sketch. Your page is wonderful!

  5. Lego Brads??? SERIOUSLY COOL!!! Awesome LO for the techno savvy son :) Love the font you cut on the silly. The quirkier, the better!!

  6. I think everyone else has said it all. Just so happy for your son to be having a good time and achieving after all the trouble with the school tests.

  7. I absolutley love what you did with Heather sketch, Mitra! Just fabulous! And very creative!!!!!

  8. Lego brads?! Oh, I need those!! I think your page is perfect! The angles of the matting and the brads create the element of fun, which I'm sure this was!


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