Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ruts, Cornflakes, and Wings

Ruts are bad things.

According to Wikipedia:  The term stuck in a rut can be used figuratively to refer to a situation in which, as time progresses, the situation is unable to be changed or steered in a desired way.

Add that into your creativity and you'll be crying in your cornflakes. (Sorry it's breakfast time as I write this, might need to grab something to eat).

I have personally seen the inside of that rut and it's not pleasant. It's scary, dark and smells like the men's bathroom at a cheap gas station. Bad juju!

I believe Onion (aka Sue) and Quirks (aka Lisa) have also been down that same rut. So, wearing nose plugs they challenged each other to a challenge. My eye balls fell out when I saw their art work using FORKS. No, that is not a new crafty supply. When I say forks, I mean the kind you eat eggs with. (again my stomach grumbles!)

I of course jumped up and down and said ME ME ME, I wanna play too!

So, got forwarded the list of challenges.

And I present to you this week's challenge for playing with metal. Thank goodness they took the requirement of having to use a soda can out of the mix. I have soda cans cut out to use for something, but I'll post that later since that particular project will be taking a bit longer. Have to buy a box of band-aides too while I am at it...

I decided to alter a clock as time is one thing that helps with getting out of that creative rut. Sometimes you just need some time out of the studio in the sunshine to forget. The wings of course represent time flying when the creative mojo is flowing.

The wings are cut from my Silly Machine and were originally paper until I used some aluminum tape over top of the bottom layer and embossed. Of course also inked and glittered and sprayed and formed until my fingers were sticky.

I keep a roll of that handy in the craft supplies. LOVE IT. 

The clock and the metal ring I used came from the second hand store. The ring was originally a brownish color and is supposed to frame out a hanging light. See it hiding under the feather earrings and ticky tacky Mexican pot? Yes, pay no attention to anything else in that pile of junk. ;-) THAT is for sure not another bird really it's not. 

Another favorite part of this piece are the wooden swirls I added. Found those at the hardware store.

Here they are all packed up in their wooden glory. Near the cool paint I found that I also added to the wings at the end for a smidge more shimmer.

Fun times here!

This is FOR SURE the most energized I have in a long time. A challenge for the sake of a challenge!

I am counting down the minutes to see what Onion (aka Sue) and Quirks (aka Lisa) have made since we did not share our projects ahead of time...

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hello Mitra
    First let me welcome you aboard.
    Secondly.... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G piece of Art.
    I am feeling less than adequate at this moment as I have just seen Q's project and it is all flowing and out there big time!!!!
    My goodness what have we started here, I know the creative gene has resurfaced for me, and now I feel, looking at this gorgeous clock with it's feminine, vintage and friendly face and the 0TT embellishments juxtaposing so perfectly, you have to know that there is a window opening for you and I believe your rut will be channelled some place else very soon.
    Fantastic work.

  2. Absolutely fantastic that three of you are joining in such a fun way to get mojo flowing! Love your clock and look forward to see what's next!

  3. Goood on you guys...nothing like a challenge for challenge's sake, I say:):) And this made me a good way...I think it was the pun-nish in a hands on way [pun NOT intended, but I guess its there!!!] ....& what a FAB way of thinking....that aluminium tape on the back of your Silly are THE most original scrapper I know....& those swirls are wood? I'd have sworn metal...but that's cos of the fab paint to check out those links.......

  4. Wowzer! You guys are all on a different planet than me, but although I don't speak your language my eyes love seeing your amazing creations!

  5. Mitza Pitza...
    Words are twisting in my brain, eyeballs are popping out of sockets, salivary glands in overdrive, wish list (scratch that) WANT list growing and all that I can formulate is WOW WOW WOWEEE!!! Girrrrrl......You NAILED this challenge. Also, Colorshift??? Shut the front door! I clapped like an idiot when I read what it does!
    The clock and painted metal alone would have sufficed more than sufficiently; however, you go and add the wood flourishes (which DO look like metal...awesome) and then those wings, my gosh...those wings!!! The silly is a fabulous machine, but it can only produce what the creator desires and what you've done to transform paper into metallic symbolism is exceptional!!
    Your clock is an eclectic piece of creative artwork that completely represents your free spirit and love of all things artsy fartsy. I think it's just SPECTACULAR!!
    Welcome aboard the creative journey my friend and thank you for inspiring me this morning.

  6. What a fabulous piece of work! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what next time's will be

  7. Well I can tell you three are having a gay ole time - which reminds me - yes time fly by!!! I think everyone should have a funk and romantic clock. You guys are good and I look forward to MORE!!

  8. Oh wow. This looks amazing with the added wings! And the wooden swirls!

  9. Wowee.. I know there is nothing you will not try and re-create in to something else.. the clock looks wonderful.. and the whole idea behind it.. especially the wings.. yes time flies when you are having fun, and I have found it also flies when you have lost your mojo and you see all the deadlines for the challenges coming up way too fast... I think I need that walk in the sun for refreshment and refinding my mojo too... Wonderful creating once again!

  10. I can only agree with Lisa M and Lizzyc! You ROCK!!!

  11. Looks like your mojo is on a roll, Mitra! Keep them coming :)

  12. I saw Lisa's fork and then read that you were joining in and KNEW I had to see how you were inspired! LOVE this! There is something about the beautiful and romantic rose clock face combined with the funky metal framing that really works! Looking at this fabulous clock is bound to inspire creativity! I'm also looking at all of the supplies and thinking I need to tag along to the hardware store the next time DH goes...


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