Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nearly Free Poinsettia Flowers

I know, what kind of crazy person makes Poinsettia flowers when it's nearly June?

Well, I was inspired as I'm working on a page about a special event that was very close to Christmas AND decided to make up a bunch more flowers while I was at it. At some point they will go on Christmas cards and I will be thankful I took the time to make them up!

They were nearly free, seeing how I used the plastic red part and greenery from the plastic doilies I bought. See my FUGLY post for more deets on that!

Loving those Prima flower centers I used. Of course, how can you go wrong with gold sequins?

Happy Hump Day!

AND, how do you like that silver oval dish I found at the second hand store. I have special things in store for that!


  1. See, the really, REALLY scary thing is it's closer than you think...we're almost into the SIXTH month of the year. This time again & we'll be rushing around buying presents. And it only seems a BLINK from NY's bring on the Chrissy Bling, I say....gotta love poinsettias & that dish is do GOOD in your Op shops:):):)

  2. I commend you on getting organized for THAT time of the year, which will soon be closer than we think when we flip the calendars over in a day or two..They look great.. love the centres.. and look out dish, you are going to be reborn!!hehe!!

  3. Keeping with the Lizzy comments....HEY YOU...just saw LESSology...& aren't you the dark horse??? That is SUCH a wonderful team for you to be on.....match made in heaven....can't WAIT to see what you come up with each month:)):):) Just as well they're plenty of Op shops around, eh???!!!!

  4. Word on the street from my elf informants; Santa is pleased with your hard work and time efficiency. ;) ALSO......I'm VERY interested to see what you've got in store for that tray!!!! :D

  5. I can not believe that these are the same flowers! They look fabulous and I can't wait to see how you use them!


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