Friday, May 10, 2013

George Frame

A little while ago I blogged about my Bubba Canvas I made. Bubba being the dog that I inherited by marrying THE MAN, it's also interesting to note that George nicknamed Bubba. George being THE MAN's Mom. Her real name was of course Georgeen. Most people would not think to name their baby girl George I hope...

I was going to wait until June to post this, on the anniversary of her death, but then with Mother's Day coming right around the corner, I thought it was fitting. 

She passed away when THE MAN and I were newly weds. She was around for our marriage and our honey moon, but missed our new house and of course the new babies that came after.

Being a Pratt/Hardin mixture, her lessons on life were a bit on the strong side. I recall a dinner where a tray of fries may have gone flying into my sister in law to be's lap...anyhow, I will wander back from memory lane and tell you about my frame...

Here is the pile I started with. I recently realized that eight trillion things on my dressers in my bedroom meant I wasn't going to dust. So, I decided to reduce in the hopes of tricking myself. Ended up with a frame I really liked and this really old photo from another frame I wanted to keep. Those gold letters up there are her initials. GH for Georgeen Hardin. The fussy cut butterfly was from before I even scrapbooked and was something I cut out and had in the frame with the photo. 

The actual photo is from my wedding shower, well after actually when she is cuddling with my father in law. I think they were relieved it was over. 

It was an interesting shower. The cake was a flop, there was a huge ice storm preventing my Sister-In-Law's arrival who had the majority of the food, and a dead battery in our new truck...

Here is a side view so you can see that there is some space between the actual back of the frame so there is room for my cut out photo to pop out a little, now painted green patina letters, and a big flower. 

Now, making the frame was half the fun with layers of Ranger Patina paint, a bronze ink pad, and some brown StayZon ink. I am loving that color right now. 

A Huge Happy Friday to all you and a Great Weekend! Hope it involves a bit of paint! 


  1. Loving those colors. She must have died quite step GD is called Charlie. WHY????? Not Charleen. Straight out Charlie. So peeps DO do it!!!! And they already had a boy.... Go figure!!!!! I did the less stuff more chance of dusting thing...not sure that it works, but when I do start sneezing from all the dust, it doesn't take long to get rid of it. I practically have a clean swipe:):)!!!!! Not so the scrap room:):):)

  2. Gorgeous frame! love the colors and the big flower is amazing.. love the story about your shower.. sometimes life is like that!!!

  3. This is beautiful Mitra and just love that patina paint. She looks a very attractive lady, it must be tough on your MAN to lose her before he could show off his children, bet she would have been a great Nan. Happy Mother's day to you.

  4. Stunning piece - love the strong colours!!

  5. I have fry flinging relatives too...LOVE IT! That's a beautiful and treasured honor of her memory and I think the colors are perfect!! The letters are just the bOMB chica!! :)


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