Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easter at the Shire layout

So Easter this year was unplanned. Well, we had plans and then a funeral and life and all that. So, a wee bit before Easter Weekend I realized we were having Easter dinner at home. Which meant I had to come up with some sort of plan...

Now, the actual dinner was not a problem. I asked all three in my clan what they wanted and they did not care. So, I decided to make what I wanted. Steak & ham shish kabobs which was something I came up with all on my own seeing how we had both kinds of meat in the freezer. I also had been asked nicely to make a carrot cake at some point so that was also on the menu.

I think you can see my lovely kabobs up top, right above Bilbo. 

What you ask does Bilbo have to do with Easter Dinner?

Well, we rented (LOVE AMAZON!!) The Hobbit:  Unexpected Journey to watch while we enjoyed supper. Which by the way is a great movie, or at least the parts I watched were. I happened to take a nap somewhere in the middle...hey, it is a LONG movie too. Plenty of time for a nap after supper. 

I needed a nap since we had been working on our kitchen prior to cooking. WHICH is why grilling was a better idea than actual kitchen cooking. See my journaling hiding behind that door?

I was going for the whole hobbit house look. I so want a Hobbit House and to live in a Shire. 

That was the image I was trying to create out of paper. Can you see it?

I have been avoiding my Silly (Silhouette) Machine like the plague lately. Not anything against it, but I did primarily use it for letters & cutting flowers, so when letters come in a kit, you tend to stop cutting. 

HOWEVER, when you want letters using HOBBIT font, it's super easy to download a font, install it, and then cut it. Which is what I have going here. The font from the movie, direct to my page in bright orange with polka dots. Can't go wrong if you want serious customization! Love ya Silly!

So, Happy Easter a bit belated. And my carrot cake was delicious! I made it from scratch since all the mixes at the store did not appear to contain real carrots....and made me nervous!


  1. I adore the Hobbit. NO, I'm in LOOOOVE with the Hobbit....only seen it once at the movies, but I'm sooo looking forward to it coming out on DVD!!! This is just gorgeous....those rolling hills, that LOVELY Hobbit abode & look at that Silly machine helping you out there!!!

  2. I love this! I have always wanted to live in a Hobbit house too. My dad used to tell me that the Hobbit lived across the road from us and I so wanted to believe him

  3. Oooh this is absolutely wonderful, Mitra, you so rock with your designs. Lord I sound like a Yank!!! Really love this page and what a fantastic Easter lunch!

  4. That is probably one of my favorite movies to nap to! Your page and hour Hobbit door is perfection and those steak and ham kabobs look darn tempting!! Kudos to you Betty Crocker for the homemade carrot cake...YUM!

  5. I am the person that doesn't like either the Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. I struggled to read the books many years ago and have gone back to them several times but I hates them I does! I haven't watched any of the films and even though Mr M has all of them I shan't be rushing to watch any time soon

  6. Wonderful! What a fun page and great story!!

  7. This is such a fun scene! Love how you did the journaling!
    P/s: I loved the movie!

  8. AHhh yes I get the hobbit thing you got happening here.. My DD Hannah LOVES anything hobbit she has all the movies (Lord of the rings) the books a calendar and various other stuff.. so I get why you have that man (I do not know one hobbit from the other!!) and I love the hobbit house.. a very clever layout incorporating aspects from your easter..and I have only ever made one carrot cake from scratch.. I use packet mixes as I cook gluten free and the mixes for GF are really yummy!! Have a good weekend!

  9. What an absolutely fun layout Mitra, you did a lovely job with the grass layering and the hidden journalling, love it!!!

  10. Love the hinged door and your whimsical page, Mitra!

  11. Such a terrific and unique layout! I love the hobbit house door hiding the journaling! Your dinner sounds wonderful!


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