Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wall of Frames

I have slowly been trying to fill the hooks on my stocking holders. Yes I am aware Christmas is long over, but I keep these hangers out all year round. THE MAN gets grumpy about holes in the plaster. I had some pretty snowflake crystals hanging from them a while ago, but it was time for a change seeing how it's spring.

My latest creation is next to the unicorn.

Recently we were on our way to town in the rain when I spotted a piece of a telephone pole on the side of the road. It happened to be the piece with the metal number 53 and I insisted I needed it.

THE MAN knows it is difficult to fight crazy, so he just pulled over and said hurry.

I used it in the middle of my piece and painted it with some Ranger Patina so it would match with the rest of the frames. 

I shared the other number with a cool blogger named Connie over at Crafty Goodies who collects the number 5. She in turn sent me some of the number 3s she had in her stash. That is my favorite number OF ALL TIME. Something about the shape maybe...

Here is the little pile of goodies I started with. I had ordered a trivet with some art work of my son had done, which was not cropped correctly, so I decided to use it instead of throwing it out.The doily came under some soup I ordered when we went out for supper and I snuck into my purse. Did not use the wood block, but I have plans for that too. 

My favorite part of the whole project was using a rivet gun to attach my hangers. Hardware makes me happy and I for sure plan on using rivets again! Look how pretty they are with their little scraped up metal!

Hope you are having a great Thursday!


  1. wow~turned out amazing. Love that idea of making a canvas with the numbers:):) Beautiful!!!

  2. Well you do have a thing with 3's.. but the wall hanging does look wonderful.. and it won't be long and Christmas will be here again anyways!!

  3. New the colours & your rivets are fabbo!!!! I think this is a very smart move for your hangers....a movable art installation can switch it up whenever you want....I shall have to find you some 3s!!!!!!

  4. Oh, & I meant to say, that doily is DYNAMO!!!!!!

  5. Errrrr...think I meant dynamite!!!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful project! I love hardware too!! Excellent job - those hooks are gorgeous...

  7. Lol at LH. Dynamic is another good one. Love this hanging Mitra, I can't believe you made that from so few bits and pieces but it was such a shame to cover up Lucas's art work, did you take a good copy?

    My lucky number has always been 7 but I'm beginning to have my doubts atm!

  8. "THE MAN knows it is difficult to fight crazy, so he just pulled over and said hurry." I almost spit my drink at the screen when I read this! You are a girl after my own heart Mitra! LOL

  9. I remember once you wrote me and said you love to read about boobs, so I guess if you take the #3 and turn it sideways, it sort of looks like.... ;)
    I'm with Heather's comment. I'm either running to the kitchen to swipe a paper towel to clean my monitor or running to the bathroom before I pee myself from laughing at your posts. Either worth it!
    I love your eclectic wall of happiness and what you've done with the 3's is AWESOME!!

  10. This is so cool! I love the variety in the 3 collection, and the way you procured some of them! Wonderful project!


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