Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Minute Linda Layout for Bird is the Word & Scrap4Help

I made this page for Bird is the Word. Their new releases for the month are:  HE | SHE | HIM | HER. 

I saw their challenge and specifically made this page. I have had that photo on my desktop for several months in the theory I would blog/scrap about it. Love when a challenge inspires me to get off my buttinsky! 

I have been consciously collecting photos around the North Country of things that are exclusive to here.

Five Minute Linda is very exclusive to Potsdam and widely known. She also has a very interesting story...but I'll get into that in a bit. Her name comes from a $5 hair cut in five minutes. And that is with some chatting even! Of course, there is only ONE haircut she knows...and you might have to even up things yourself....boys haircuts are only $3.

I'd say she cuts the hair of 95 % of all North Country men and boys. I have nothing to base my math on, except that everyone knows her and she is cheap. Cheap is something people are real fond of here...and quick is also good!

Here is a close up of the vintage flower I made. I had one solo cloth napkin hanging around and cut a few flower shapes out of it along with some vintage book pages. I like how it looks old against the bright colors plus I can link it up with the Scrap4Help blog where their challenge is to use a napkin.

AND....that story I promised you about Five Minute Linda...her name by the way, is not something I came up with. She is referred to that throughout the North Country.

Word on the street is that her current husband wanted a divorce. Evidently it was amicable enough that he spent the winter working on her new digs up the road and while she was still living at the house, invited the girl friend and her kids to move in. NOW THAT is working nicely together. ;-) Of course, that is all rumor, but it was the hot topic prior to my new Heifer neighbors....

Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful page Dear
    tks for playing with us at BITW

  2. Love the story and the LO! Very funny!

  3. Great page with a funny background story. I like how you used the napkin, how you structured your page, and how you stamped squares along the page edges.

  4. Oh what a den of iniquity & gossip you live in!!! The napkin/flower is fabulous...& I LOVE the idea of gathering stuff uniquely 'northern'...& I can relate to Linda...good on her! Gee, it's almost worth coming over for such a cheap cut!!!!!

  5. OH wow who cares about the gossip! a 5 minute hair cut sounds fabulous! Pity she only does one style! hehe!

  6. Love the layout too.. and a wonderful flower.. and thanks for joining in at BITW too!!

  7. There are I have left you 2.... ah make that 3 comments!!hehe!!

  8. Adorable layout with such a charming story to go with it! I am sure she has mastered that one style to perfection,...LOL!½ :-) Thanks for joining us at S4H this month! :-)

  9. How funny!! Great memory to record...

  10. So beatiful, thanks for joining at BITW and S4H

  11. haha, Mitra... I thought I had heard them all until this one!!! Thank you for joining Scrap for Help!

  12. Priceless, just priceless Mitra. You just made my day with that story! Love your napkin flower and the way you wrapped your story!

  13. Hilarious storyand such a cool layout!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Bird Is The Word!

  14. Such a fun, whimsical page. I love it! Thanks for playing with us at BITW.

  15. Love all the little bits and things you put on here!
    Thx for joining us at BITW :)


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