Friday, May 17, 2013

Noisy Neighbors in the 'Hood

Big news in our neighborhood are new neighbors.

Met them recently on a walk. They followed us. It was a bit odd.

Well, they are baby heifers, so I suppose we can give them the benefit of the doubt.

I am told there are two girls and one boy.

I did not check. Thought looking at their pee pees kinda personal. I leave those tasks to THE MAN who knows what to look for...he started to say look....the one with the hanging down thing...and I sshhhed him. I mean really. What if we embarrassed Curley?

I named them. The boy is Curley and the two girls are Thelma & Louise.

Imagine my disappointment to find out the small person who lives in the house that owns the heifers has already named Curley.

He is Sir Loin. I heard one of the girl heifers is called Soup which had me confused until THE MAN said, well like Beef & Barley Soup? It's just too long so she shorted it to Soup.

OK, lets give Alexia some credit here, those are damn good names when you are keeping in mind your baby heifer will someday be on your plate or in a bowl....

So, the news on the street is that these heifers are trespassing.

We met up with our neighbor Joe on the same walk and mentioned our new neighbors.

He does not use a cell phone or Facebook or any other social network device despite the fact he is a lot younger than me. BUT, he always has the SCOOP.

Their fence got placed across the stream in numerous places so they can get water. Property line goes to the center line of the stream so some peeps are a bit grouchy.

Perhaps after they go to the butcher and some white packages arrive to sooth the pain....Steak always cheers me up....

Happy Friday!


  1. What a FUN neighborhood you live in!! That's so cute to watch future dinners grazing. Love all the names...curly aka Sir Loin. LOL..what a hoot! Would so much rather watch their cuteness meandering around than our new neighbors that walk their cats on leashes. O_0

  2. Gotta love this neighborhood story. Maybe we will all get a steak or two, teehee.

  3. Sooooo....called Thelma & Louise ....does this mean subconsciously you're prefer them to throw themselves into the water in a drowning pact (since I'm figuring cliffs & cars are bit hard to come by!!! ).... Before murder will be committed upon them???!!!!!

  4. LOL I thought you were being a bit rude about your neighbours there - calling them heffers LOL

  5. They look like they are grazing on lovely green grass.. should make nice steaks.. I like t-bones the best!!


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